Launching of the Jubilee Year

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Launching of the Jubilee Year

Montfort News
Published by Fr. Rozario Menezes s.m.m in Papua New Guinea · 30 May 2015
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Port Moresby  - PNG delegation celebrated the inauguration of the tercentenary of the death of Father de Montfort at Port Moresby St. Martin de Porres parish, Morata.
As part of the celebration, a day of prayer and reflection on the life and works of Montfort was organized, especially for the Legion of Mary of the archdiocese of Port Moresby. There was a very good response from all the parishes of the Archdiocese, we had about 300 Legionaries who attended.
During the day the Montfortian Spirituality was explained, stressing more on True Devotion to Mary as Legionaries use the Marian Spirituality of Father de Montfort. Fr. Leo Bayu smm, spoke about his experience as a legionary himself and how it encouraged him to become a priest and especially a Montfort Missionary. Fr. Rozario Menezes s.m.m talked about the Marian consecration, stressing on the importance of consecrating oneself to Jesus through Mary. The day ended with the Holy Eucharist during which Fr. Rozario Menezes s.m.m spoke about the importance of Mary in our life as Catholics.
The legionaries of St. Martin de Porres parish had organized the day well, especially providing sumptuous meal for everyone who attended the day of prayer and reflection.
The following day we had the solemn Eucharistic celebration presided by Most Rev Bishop Otto Separy, Bishop of Aitape diocese. Most Rev John Ribat, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Port Moresby, was present for the celebration as well. During the Homily Fr. Rozario Menezes s.m.m gave the history of Montfort Missionaries especially the mission in Papua New Guinea. Most of the Religious men and women working in Port Moresby were present for the celebration, they also took part in the offertory procession during the Holy Eucharist.
During the Celebration we launched a project for the Montfort Associates in PNG. Many parishioners, as well as people from other parishes, are showing interest to join the Montfort Associates.
After the Eucharistic Celebration there was an exhibition of the Montfort works and banners, which was followed by a meal prepared by the parishioners of st. Martin De Porres. The parishioners presented a roasted pig to the Montfortian family to show their appreciation for the missionary work they are doing in PNG.
The celebration concluded with the remarks by Archbishop John Ribart, who thanked the Montfort Missionaries for their hard work and witnessing life, which is inspiring many to follow the footsteps of Father de Montfort.
-Fr. Rozario Menezes s.m.m



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