Montfortian from Holland, Beligum and Germany open Tercentenary of St. Louis of Montfort death

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Montfortian from Holland, Beligum and Germany open Tercentenary of St. Louis of Montfort death

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Published by Marian Claeren in Netherlands · 30 May 2015
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Genhout. The Netherlands - On May 2, 2015 in Genhout (Netherlands), the celebration of 300 years anniversary started for the Belgian, German and Dutch montfortians and sisters Daughters of Wisdom. Unfortunately there were no Brothers of St. Gabriel present.

The opening of the anniversary year coincided with the opening of the Art Centre in Genhout, where a part of the church is decorated as an exhibition space for the Montfortian heritage.

Present at the Eucharistic celebration were the superiors of the Belgian, German and Dutch Montfortians, Frans Fabry, Hermann-Josef Jünemann and Peter Denneman concelebrated with John van Oss, montfortian and parish priest of Genhout. Hub Kleijkers played the organ. The first reading was read by Jan Lathouwers, chant for 91, retranslated by Jo van Osch: '.... I don’t need to envy anyone for his money or his luck,
because my ambition only goes out to the innocent of heart. Because God alone, my Father, endlessly protects my fate, I surrender myself to Him, He takes care of me.... '

For the Gospel reading Luke 9, 12-17 was chosen.

In the sermon, Fr Peter said: "Going into the footsteps of the Crucified Montfort became apostle, Preacher of the Ultimate, Proclaimer of the defenseless, which is valuable. Looking at the fresco on the front of the liturgy booklet we see Montfort, being a follower of the Host, is breaking and sharing in life and he has become the person to which we are invited to become each communion: Body of Christ. Become what you receive and receive what you get: Body of Christ. That means quite a bit....
It appeals to you, to share your bread with the hungry, provide future to those who are stuck in the past". By expressing these words in a church where beautiful memories of the life of Montfort and his followers are exhibited, Fr Peter expressed the hope that we continue to remember what counts: bringing God's kingdom in our world. The Ultimate!

After the celebration the exhibition of the Montfortian heritage was opened and could be admired. After a meal together, the program continued with the opening of the St. Hubert Arts Centre and the launch of the new web-site:

It was a day of celebration. Whatever happens with the Montfortian presence in the three countries, the memories have been given a wonderful shelter in Genhout.

-Marian Claeren



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