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“Their Charity towards their Neighbor”

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Published by Fr. Federick B. Yumang, SMM in Philippines · 29 May 2019
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QUEZON CITY, Philippines - As a concrete collaboration to the apostolate of the Montfort Missionaries, the Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts (AMQAH) introduced a new program this year on a regular basis which is  the catechism and feeding program for children living around the area of the Montfort Center of Spirituality.
The children were taught basic prayers, stories from the bible about Jesus and praying of the Holy Rosary. After which, they were served with food prepared by the AMQAH members. The first activity was held last March 9, then on May 18 and on May 25. It was their culminating activity for the traditional Marian devotion in the Philippines called Mayflower or Flores de Mayo held during the month of May. After the instruction, the children gathered at the chapel of Mary Queen of all Hearts wherein they prayed the Holy Rosary. Then they offered fresh flowers to our Lady while singing Marian songs. After the liturgy, refreshments were served to them.
This simple endeavor is an effective way of responding to the needs of the people especially the poor who needs both spiritual and material help in accordance to the Montfortian spirit of bringing Jesus through Mary as written by St. Louis-Marie de Montfort in the Rules of the Missionary Priests of the Company of Mary under “Their charity towards their neighbor - Number 47” that states “…during the time of their missions or not, the poor are to be the special objects of their care. They must never refuse to help them, materially when possible, and spiritually…”
Fr. Federick B. Yumang, SMM


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