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Annual Retreat

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Published by Fr. Joji Paul Antony Kalarickal, SMM in Rome · 18 September 2020
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ROME, Italy - On September 6 to 11, 2020, we, the Generalate Community of the Montfort Missionaries in Rome had our Annual Retreat at the General House of the Brothers of St. Gabriel. We were very fortunate to have Rev. Fr. Kilian NGITIR, General Councilor of Capuchins as our retreat preacher. With his expertise both as a formator and professor, he did a wonderful job in guiding us along in our spiritual journey this year.
The theme of the retreat was “Journey to Holiness. We are already saints as we are created in the image and likeness of God. Our vocation is to be happy and radiate this joy in our personal lives and the places of our mission. Then we can live the fullness of life (Jn 10:10). As we live in the fast-moving world, many times we fail to think where we are going to.  In this regard, our self identity is very important. We should not hesitate to ask ourselves time and again these important questions. Who am I? What I want? Why am I in this mission right now? Where I want to be?
The journey towards holiness started in our baptism and will continue till the end. We need not to be afraid because He has promised us an Advocate who will help us (Jn 15:26). The Holy Spirit can give us true joy in our mission and knows the secrets of God. The preacher stressed the need to constantly dialogue with the Holy Spirit that is within each of us. The time is running short and therefore, the different fears that we have should not obstruct our journey. Remember, my grace is sufficient for you (2 Cor 12:9). Allow the grace to work in us and be genuine and graceful religious.
It was a perfect ambience to reflect, recollect and renew our spirit in the lovely lush green campus. On the final day of the retreat, the Brothers invited us to join them for dinner and it was wonderful to share the Montfortian family spirit. Thanks to Fr. Kilian and the Brothers for hosting us. We are back to the General House with a renewed spirit and our mission continues. All glory to Jesus, our Lord and Master.
Fr. Joji Paul Antony Kalarickal, SMM

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