Sudeepkumar & Balayesu Konakala

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First Profession 2021 at Kanathi

KANATHI, India - Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort wrote in his letter, “I have done all God asked me to do for them in a spirit of love.” (L-20)

Making the First Religious Profession is something that gives immense joy. Certainly, it is true as we, the 7 novices, experienced that wonderful feeling when we made our First Profession. As our Holy Founder states in his letter, we could experience that same spirit of love while professing our vows. The joy of entering a new life and becoming a member of a new family was experienced by each one of us. We feel protected as we entrusted ourselves into the hands of Mary and made our Profession. We are also proud of being Montfortians by living our lives with the spirit of our Holy Founder, St. Louis-Marie de Montfort...
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