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Baptized and Sent

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Published by Fr. Alvaro Pulido, SMM in Colombia · 25 October 2019
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The Church of Christ on Mission in the World
COLOMBIA - On the eve of the World Mission Day celebration last October 19, 2019, the youth group, Pilgrims of Mary from the Parish of Our Lady of Carmen of Acacías-Meta here in Colombia conducted a Cycle-Mission, in order to visit the paths of the parish and bring the Good News of Jesus to every home.
Being aware of this missionary month, the young people have been assuming life with responsibility and become protagonists of their own baptism. Hence, they have felt the desire to be sent to communicate the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ and encourage every baptized and non-baptized persons to join in this missionary school that He has left us.
When we evangelize, the positive gain is not only obtained by the one who receives the message of Jesus, but also the one who carries it. In this manner, they feel encouraged and eventually renew their personal encounter with Christ, the Wisdom of God.
We will continue to inspire and teach our young people to become true Missionaries as our Founding Father, Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort had requested.
Fr. Alvaro Pulido, SMM

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