CANADA: One hundred years of life: that has to be celebrated!

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CANADA: One hundred years of life: that has to be celebrated!

Montfort News
Published by Claude Sigouin SMM in Canada · 17 January 2014
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“The weight of years consists in the love that transfigures them.”

On 14 January this year 2014, with great joy, the local community of the residential home of St. Peter’s Cenacle, with a few invited guests, came together to celebrate in a fraternal fashion on the occasion of the hundredth birthday of our confrere, Fr. Dorio-Marie Huot, s.m.m.
Obviously everything began with a Mass of thanksgiving. Inspired above all by the great love that our confrere has for the Blessed Virgin Mary, it was a celebration in honour of Mary, the source of our joy. This was an offering of a sort of spiritual present for our confrere. The gift of Mary’s joy in a Montfortian heart.
After the Eucharistic table, the residents and guests passed on to another table for a good meal with a tasty cake decorated by an artistic hand.
Dear Father Huot, in my own name and in the name of all the confreres, we offer you our most sincere congratulations on your hundred years of life, so full, so dedicated to the service of the Church, especially during the many years you spent in the Congregation of Religious and Secular Institutes, and then in the Tribunal of the Roman Rota; our congratulations also on your Montfortian religious life that has been so exemplary, a life that has been consecrated above all to Christ-Wisdom through the hands of Mary.
Words cannot express all our admiration in your regard, and if the word I would like to add is not more beautiful than silence, it is better not to utter it.

-Claude Sigouin SMM



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