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Community of the International Scholasticate of Lima

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Published by Fr. Luis Salvador Ávila, SMM in Peru-Brazil · 10 May 2019
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LIMA, Peru - On March 16, 2019, Fr. Marco Pasinato, the General Councillor, went to the scholasticate community of Lima, Peru to share the path of formation with the formators and scholastics. In addition, two new ones also arrived that day from Haiti: Amos and Joasemsky, who joined the group of the international scholasticate.
Fr. Marco's visit to the community took place over two weeks, from March 16 to April 1. During his visit, we shared several important aspects regarding the formation and the process of the scholasticate. Here are some things to emphasize:
Firstly, Fr. Marco met the two formators, Fr. Luis Salvador and Fr. Johnny Bigoni, to share the important aspects to consider in this stage of formation: phase of growth, deepening and integration, individually and collectively. There were also moments when aspects of the Montfortian Missionaries' identity were clarified from Ratio I and other formation materials. Aside from the meeting with the formators, there was also an encounter with the scholastics as well as individual interviews.
Secondly, on March 23, Fr. Marco accompanied us in a half-day retreat, wherein he invited us to build our lives in the light of the Holy Spirit. In the retreat, he also encouraged us to meditate on the Secret of Mary, especially the numbers from 70 to 78, where Montfort speaks of "The Growth of the Tree of Life or the life of Christ in us, through the Montfortian Consecration", and how to cultivate it: "Montfort was a seeker of happiness and he found it in the secret of Mary." To find this precious pearl, it is necessary to work: happiness is not easy to find, it is not miraculous, it is a sacrifice, and success is the fruit of a great work. Montfort speaks of the consecration as the growth of life.
Thirdly, on March 25, during the Feast of the Incarnation, a solemn celebration was presided over by Fr. Marco at the chapel of the scholasticate. During the celebration, he emphasized the true meaning of this feast that leads us to the path of formation. This day was also very special for the community with the installation of the new superior of the scholasticate, Fr. Luis Salvador Ávila.
Fourthly, on Tuesday, March 26, we celebrated the farewell of Father José Ángel. After 10 years as a formator and superior of the scholasticate, he leaves this service for a sabbatical year. This celebration was presided over by Father José Ángel himself. The two new Haitian scholastics, Amos and Joasemsky, were also officially welcomed into the Latin American scholasticate. After which, there was a moment of sharing in the community.
In summary, the visit of the General Councillor Fr. Marco to the community was a very significant experience for us, as he enlightened and strengthened the path that we follow as formators and scholastics. It was a presence of closeness and joy for all the members of the community and we saw that for the superiors, the formation of the future missionaries is a priority. We hope to stay in communion and may the General Administration continue to bless our community with their presence.
Fr. Luis Salvador Ávila, SMM


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