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Confreres in East Africa hold Annual Retreat

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Published by Fr. Ronald Kersteins Musinguzi, SMM in Africa Anglophone · 8 May 2019
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MBARARA, Uganda - Our Confreres living in Kenya and Uganda had their annual retreat last April 28 to May 03, 2019.
In attendance were SMM Fathers: Ernest Akhonya, John Mary Ahimbisibwe, Ronald Musinguzi, Ludovik Ahimbisibwe, and Steve Davidson Mukusa. The Retreat facilitator, Fr. Aloysious Beebwa, a Missionary of Africa, helped us to reflect on our missionary journey as servants of God’s people. Primarily, we were invited to inherit the attitude of Mary who looks at things in a more different way from the beginning of her mission as expressed in her song entitled Magnificat: the simple, the lowly, and the humble are always great before the Lord.
Her sentiments were affirmed by Jesus’ act of washing His disciples’ feet and with a command ‘go and do likewise’.
As Jesus’ disciples, Fr. Aloysious reminded us that we should be ready to put off our garments of pride and learn to wash the feet of the world. In other words, humility must be an indispensable virtue in contrary to our urge for authority, loyalty and favor. This behavior may lead us to fear of losing those things that make us secure. However, we shall learn from our Master who gave up His own life because His Father is the real source of security. Fear may be the greatest obstacle or an enemy to our growth, but we must learn to overcome it to achieve a fruitful mission just like the Apostles who came out of fear after the resurrection and began to speak and act with boldness. In this connection, we must also live as Easter People.
Furthermore, the members of the Africa Anglophone delegation who are living and serving in Malawi had also their annual retreat from the 20th to the 25th of January 2019 at Montfort house Namiasi, in Mangochi.
Fr. Ronald Kersteins Musinguzi, SMM
Vocation Promoter-Nairobi


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