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First Mission in Sweden

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Published by in Italy · 21 May 2018
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SWEDEN - Fr. Mihovil Filipovic, a Montfortian from Croatia, resident of Poland, shares with us his first preaching in the land of Sweden. He states, “I have been invited by Ms. Ewa Johansson over the initiative of Cardinal Anders. It was suggested to the Cardinal by a lady at Czenstochowa, who had participated in our house in the preparatory sessions for the consecration in the previous years. The lady accompanied me to four parishes to preach the retreat:
- Karlskorona, where the parish priest is a Polish, Fr. Wioietek
- Varnamo, where the parish priest is a Swedish, Fr. Franz
- Kalmar, where the parish priest is a Polish, Fr. Wieslaw
- Skovde, where the parish is animated by the Capuchins (two priests and a brother)
In all the parishes, there were around 40-50 participants, mostly Croatians and Polish. There were also other nationalities (Vietnamese, Filipinos, an Italian, a Hungarian, some Africans from Senegal and Kenya, etc.).  
The reception was excellent & organized perfectly by Ms. Ewa. She also hired a vehicle to move from one parish to another.
I spoke in Croatian and two ladies translated it into Swedish. In the last parish, I spoke in Pollack and Ms. Ewa did the translation.
I distributed 300 copies of “The Secret of Mary” in Swedish and around 50 in CD format, in Croatian; 100 copies of “True Devotion to Mary” in Pollack and 10 CDs of “True Devotion to Mary and The Secret of Mary” in Pollack. Besides this, I too distributed the medals of Mary Queen of all Hearts.
I also met some people from the Legion of Mary and I had the opportunity to present about this movement to others.  They expressed their desire to invite me next year also to other cities, like, GÖteborg.”

-Mihovil Filipovis, SMM, Poland
Translated by Alexander Swamynathan, SMM


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