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Meeting of Priests and Scholastics on the Protection of the Vulnerable

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Published by in Philippines · 9 July 2014
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MANILA, Philippines- Last 2-6 June 2014, Fr. Paul Arnel Lucero and Fr. Sherwin Nuñez attended the meeting on the Protection of the Minors and Vulnerable Adults in Rome organized by the SMM Generalate.

On the occasion of the Priests’ Monthly Gathering held last June 30, 2014 in New Manila, the two fathers echoed to the priests and scholastics what transpired during the said educational week. In the second part of the gathering, copies of two documents were distributed to each participant. Fr. Paul Arnel then gave an introduction, presented and explained to the group the document on the Minimum Standards made by the General Administration. Afterwards he presented also the model policy of the United States as a reference for the group.  The participants were then asked one by one to read a line or item from US Province policy and an explanation was given to the items that needed clarification.

It was reiterated that the SMM Philippine Delegation has to make its local policy, taking into account the guidelines of the Conference of Bishops, the laws of the country and some elements of the culture. Each confrere was invited to give his suggestions to the team who will formulate the draft policy.

To conclude, the Delegation Superior Fr. Paul Arnel firmly accentuated the role and responsibility of each one to the realization of protecting the vulnerable particularly in the Philippine context.  Everyone present offered his commitment and full cooperation in taking the advocacy with immense responsibility and profound seriousness.  Moving forward to its realization, another meeting is scheduled next month to start drafting and developing the Philippine local policy concerning the matter.

- Bro. Benjie Notarte, SMM



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