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Montfort EurHope 07: Deacon Aimé KAMANDA, a new Missionary in Belgium

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Published by SMM Communications in Belgium · 29 July 2019
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KISANGANI, RDC - July 2019. During a small ceremony presided by the Delegation Superior, Deacon Aimé KAMANDA is sent as a missionary to Belgium. Here is a short self-presentation that makes you want to accompany him in his new adventure. We contacted him in Burundi where he is currently finishing some steps to obtain his visa.
Curriculum vitae.
I was born on the 24th of September 1988 in Wenge-Bas. My parents are KAMANDA Luka and MAYANI Tolea Honorine. I am a native of the Province of Tshopo in the Territory of Isangi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am the third child from a family of 6 children. I was baptized on April 04, 1996 at Saint Joseph Parish of Wenge-Bas in the Diocese of Isangi. I was confirmed at the Blessed Anuarite Parish of the Archdiocese of Kisangani on July 14, 2011 (founded by the Montfort Missionaries of Belgium). I spent my elementary education at Wenge-Bas Primary School (1995-2000). I finished High School and Literary Humanities at the Small Anuarite Bolingo Seminary of the Diocese of Isangi (2000-2007).
I had my initial formation at the Montfort Missionaries (Company of Mary) in Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo (2008). I attended three years of philosophical studies at Edith Stein of Kisangani in the Democratic Republic of Congo (2008-2012).
I did my novitiate at the Francophone International Novitiate in Montfort-sur-Meu (France) and had my first religious profession in Saint Laurent sur Sèvre on October 12, 2013. I finished my Theological Studies at Saint John Paul II Interdiocesan Seminary in Gitega, Burundi (2014-2018).
My Perpetual Profession in the Company of Mary in Isangi was on March 16, 2019, and my Diaconal Ordination was on March 17, 2019. It was held at the Cathedral of Mary the Mediatrix of the Diocese of Isangi by His Excellency Mgr. Dieudonné MADRAPILE Tanzi, Bishop of the Diocese of Isangi.
First mission.
After my diaconate ordination, I received my obedience from the Superior Delegate to work in the House of Providence of Deo Soli in Kisangani in the Democratic Republic of Congo - our house of formation of the General Delegation of Francophone Africa (DGAF).
Obedience for Belgium.
A few months later, the Delegation Superior of the DGAF (General Delegation of Francophone Africa) invited me to begin the discernment of a new mission that the Congregation offers me, to be a missionary in Belgium. Given that the Belgian confreres showed their missionary zeal in our country, the RD Congo, more particularly in my diocese of Isangi, I agreed, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to go as a missionary in their country to strengthen the link between Belgium and the RD Congo. It is a new missionary experience of internationality in a different culture.
Sent by the General Delegation of Francophone Africa.
When I was sent on a mission to Kisangani by the Superior Delegate, I was deeply moved by Father Constantin ATALIPA's inspiring words: "Dear Deacon Aimé, we are sending you on a mission to Belgium following Father de Montfort. You will represent the entire Montfortian Congregation in Belgium, the whole entity of the DGAF, all your biological family and yourself. Always remember that great responsibility that you have received and that the Holy Spirit will always guide you. Be a man of prayer and work for the good of God's people at Montfort." Some symbols accompanied this sending: the Cross, the Rosary and the pilgrim's staff. From this day forth, I am on my way to Belgium as my mission country à la Montfort. May Our Lady of Wisdom walk with me. God Alone!
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