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Montfort_EurHope20: Explanation of LOGO and MOTTO

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Published by SMM Communications in Rome · 31 January 2020
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The word "Montfort" surmounted on the Cross: recalls the great missionary of Western France, Saint Louis-Marie, and the Montfortians who for many generations continue to give their lives to announce Christ Wisdom.
The linguistic composition "EurHope" (Europe + Hope): “Europe” is invited to be open to “Hope”.
A line related to the word "Hope" is the short, easy and perfect spiritual path "to Jesus through Mary" that St. Louis-Marie shared with all the baptized and first to the poorest and the simplest.
The year 2020: a year dedicated to evaluate and revive the Montfortian mission in Europe, with new adapted paths for the poor and people seeking for sense in life (presented by the blue line that marks the year 2020).
Twelve stars in the circle: according to the Book of Revelation (Rev 12:1), the twelve stars above the head of the “Woman”, who symbolizes both Mother Mary and the people of God, are the saints and witnesses that continue to impact Europe.
Colour: the white colour symbolizes the earth where snow falls (representing the people in Europe), encircled with the colour blue to symbolize the sky and the sea (representing the people coming from overseas).
The circle: represents the world and society where the mission turns to.
The MOTTO = The motto "Montfort_EurHope20" invites to renew the Montfortian mission in Europe with Hope. As Pope Francis says: “Do not let yourselves be robbed of Hope”.
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