Montfortian Identity?

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Montfortian Identity?

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Published by P. Arnold Suhardi, SMM in France · 5 April 2019
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MONTFORT-SUR-MEU, France - Do Montfort Missionaries still have a common identity? If so, what is it?

We know that the Capitulants, under the "initial formation" section of the General Chapter 2017, declared, "We insist on the implementation of the Montfortian identity in the process of initial formation and in the day-to-day life of our young confreres involved in missionary activities" (7.3). To meet this challenge, we are expected to consider a proposal that states, "We propose that an emphasis be given to Montfortian identity during the period of initial formation" (8.2). It appears here that the Montfortian identity has already been formulated. As a matter of fact, we have several documents that can explain this.

However, the ten Francophone novices in Montfort-sur-Meu (Armand, Arthémon, Prosper, Emmanuel and Simon from Francophone Africa; Claudéo, Victor and Michaël from Madagascar; Wildy and Jasmin from Haiti) chose to use another methodology this week. They decided to search this (spiritual and missionary) identity and formulate it themselves, relying mainly on the writings of Montfort.

Some of them thought that the Montfortian identity means a permanent, fundamental and specific character, shared by all members of the SMM. This character finds its foundations in the Letter 5 and the Fundamental Rule, as written by our Founder. So, what is this Montfortian identity? The novices are putting themselves in research for this. Will they find it? They are in high hopes.

As the Founder of this Congregation, will St. Louis-Marie de Montfort still deliver other characteristics today to these missionaries as he wanted in the Societas Mariae Montfortana?

P. Arnold Suhardi, SMM


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