Poitiers Care Volunteers Christmas Dinner

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Poitiers Care Volunteers Christmas Dinner

Montfort News
Published by Fr. Des Connolly, smm in Great Britain and Ireland · 12 January 2018
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SOUTHAMPTON, Great Britain - On Thursday 14th December the Delegation of Great Britain and Ireland, welcomed Father Luiz Stefani SMM (Superior General), Father Marco Pasinato SMM (General Councillor) and the Poitiers Care Volunteers to an early Christmas Dinner. The purpose of the dinner was to thank our Poitiers Care Volunteers for all their hard work on behalf of the Montfort Missionary Delegation of Great Britain and Ireland in caring for some of the poorest people in the City of Southampton. After the meal, Father Des Connolly SMM, Superior of the Community based at Saint Joseph’s Centre thanked the Volunteers for their hard work, dedication, patience and persistence throughout the year. He renamed them ‘Enablers of the Mission’ and spoke of how Good Father De Montfort had ensured that those who attended the Missions he gave, would provide a meal for the poorest of the town in which the mission was being preached. Father Des Connolly then invited the Superior General to say a few words on behalf of the Congregation of the Missionaries of the Company of Mary. Father General also shared insights into the love Father De Montfort had for the poor and concluded by quoting the Liberation Theologian; Father Jon Sobrino SJ “now we know there’s no salvation apart from the poor.” Father General thanked the Volunteers for the witness they are. Next Father Des invited Father Kieran Flynn SMM, GB/I Delegation Superior to share some thoughts on behalf of the Delegation. Father Kieran spoke of the ‘Foundation Stone’ of a building, stating that it is important but what people see eventually is not the ‘Foundation Stone’ but the building itself. For our Delegation it matters not who founded Poitiers Care but what has developed from its foundation: a wonderful work of love amongst the poor in intimation of our Holy Founder. Our Delegation is proud and committed to this work which Poitiers Care Volunteers conduct on our behalf.
-Fr. Des Connolly, smm


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