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The Living Rosary 2019

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Published by SMM Communications in Rome · 6 November 2019
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ROME – October is the month of the Most Holy Rosary and the Filipino Community gathered at the Montfort Missionaries Generalate Grotto every night and celebrated this occasion in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary by praying the Living Rosary as animated by Father Reynaldo Bullas Jr., SMM, in collaboration with Father Louis Marie Montfort Vladimir Souffrant, SMM. This activity ended on the 31st of October with the presence of Father Luiz Augusto Stefani, SMM, the Superior General.
The Living Rosary is a creative and alive recitation of the Holy Rosary through active and special participation of the faithful. The prayer started with a beautiful rendition of Immaculate Mother as the participants marched in a procession. Each decade of the rosary is represented by 10 Marian devotees and one is assigned for each bead to recite one Hail Mary. After which, a candle is placed on the ground one after the other to form a rosary. This religious fervor is solemnized every night for the whole month of October under the dedication and leadership of Father Rey.
Indeed, the most powerful prayers in the world to Our Lord is through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and on each mystery of the Holy Rosary, fervent prayers were offered, not only for personal intentions but also for other people, the community and the whole world at large. Just to mention a few, the faithful prayed for the following:
  • Expression of gratefulness for all the blessings that they have received
  • Good health, safety and security of family members, relatives and friends
  • Stronger bond, utmost support, harmonious relationship and better understanding of each other in this community
  • Fast recovery of the sick
  • Pope Francis’ mission and intentions
  • Montfortian missions
  • Stabilization of the current crisis and chaos in all parts of the world
  • Prayer for the souls departed
  • World peace and unity
Moreover, every mystery is accompanied by a melodious rendition of Marian hymns such as Our Lady of Fatima, Hail Mary, Gentle Woman and Stella Maris. This part of the prayer made it more special because the Filipino Marian devotees had the chance to sing 2 Marian songs entitled “Sa Pamamagitan Mo” and “Ang Lihim ni Maria (Pagtatalaga)” which are brilliantly composed by Father Rey as inspired by the Montfortian Spirituality.
After the solemn prayer, devotees marched towards the statue of the Blessed Mother and offered their personal prayer requests which were then burned and incensed by the animating priest.
On the last night of the celebration, the participants were very much delighted with the presence of the Superior General who gave his final blessing. He even participated in singing Marian hymns. After praying the Holy Rosary on each night, the community remained and had a late dinner. Everyone is thankful to the generous families who brought and shared the delicious meals. The relentless efforts of the devotees to attend this activity every night regardless of the weather is invaluable despite their hectic job schedule.
With the Most Holy Rosary, we meditate the mysteries of joy, of sorrow, of light and the glory of Jesus and Mary. The Living Rosary is a way to promote the Montfortian Spirituality as guided by the teachings of Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort. Hence, the faithful’s affection to God was rekindled and everyone was spiritually elated.
From the Montfort Missionaries General House… the mission continues…
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2019-11-13 14:58:51
Pilgrimage! Pilgrimage! Pilgrimage! Let us go out and tell the world the message of the rosary!!
Mr.Anusorn Anamnart
2019-11-15 02:01:26
Let us pray to our Mather Mary every day before going to bed.
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