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The Living Rosary: Rekindling of Faith in this time of Pandemic

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Published by Rodrigo A. Jacaban Jr. in Rome · 12 October 2020
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ROME - October is known to be the month of the Most Holy Rosary and in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Filipino Community gather at the Montfort Missionaries Generalate Grotto every night to pray the Living Rosary as animated by Father Reynaldo Bullas Jr., SMM.
Father Rey’s animation with his clever idea of forming a Giant Rosary attached to the wall is truly inspiring, impressive and one of a kind. White and red flower plants called ciclamini with lighted candles atop of them represent the beads of the Holy Rosary, interconnected with a long, white rope. The candles and ciclamini were donated by the faithful. The big rosary was blessed by the Superior General, Father Luiz Augusto Stefani, SMM on the 27th of September.
In this trying time of pandemic, our existence is at stake against the unseen enemy. Hence, our faith is challenged and need to be rekindled. Our fervent prayers to Our Lord, through the intercession of the Blessed Mother become our shield and sword during this difficult scenario.
The Living Rosary is a motivational and creative way of praying the Holy Rosary that involves a special participation of the faithful. The ringing of the church bells around 8:30 PM signals the start of the prayer with a harmonious singing of Immaculate Mother as the Marian devotees march in a procession. A special prayer intention is offered in every mystery of the Holy Rosary and is also accompanied by a melodious rendition of a Marian hymn. Each participant prays one Hail Mary as he/she offers a lighted candle placed on top of the flowers, gradually illuminating the Giant Rosary. After the solemn prayer, the devotees approach the statue of the Blessed Mother and offer their written personal prayer intentions which are then burned and incensed by the animating priest.
The presence and support of the Montfort Missionaries during the prayer, led by the Superior General boost the morale of the faithful. The devotees were in high spirits as the Montfortians prayed the Hail Mary in their own native tongue. They spoke in Filipino, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Swahili, Hindi and Indonesian.
The community enjoy a late dinner together after praying the Holy Rosary on each night. Everyone is sincerely grateful to the generous families who bring and share the sumptuous meals. The determination and untiring efforts of the devotees to participate in this activity every night regardless of the weather is beyond measure despite their busy job schedule.
The Living Rosary is a way of sharing the Montfortian Spirituality among the faithful as guided by the teachings of Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort. It is scheduled daily for the whole month of October at 8:30 PM from Monday to Saturday and 10:30 AM on Sundays. The prayer will end on the 31st with a grand procession around the General House. There is also a blessing of rosaries every Sunday during the Mass before the final blessing.
Rodrigo A. Jacaban Jr.
SMM Communications


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