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Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary by the Novices

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Published by Lord Ansel Glenn N. Bongcas, SMM in Philippines · 27 August 2018
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QUEZON CITY, Philippines The total consecration of oneself to the Lord through the hands of Mother Mary is an act of radical belonging, the most effective and excellent way towards living a holy life.

St. Louis-Marie de Montfort stated in the Love of Eternal Wisdom 168 the call that, “Whoever then wishes to advance along the road to holiness and be sure of encountering the true Christ, without fear of the illusions which afflict many devout people, should take up with valiant heart and willing spirit this devotion to Mary which perhaps he had not previously heard about. Even if it is new to him, let him enter upon this excellent way which I am now revealing to him. I will show you a more excellent way”.

This was so striking and inspiring as we, the four novices: Bro. Jumamildar Sawitan, Bro. Lord Ansel Glenn Bongcas, Bro. Wilson Tembo and Bro. Precious Fukizi renewed the covenant of love through the act of Consecration that happened last 31st of July 2018 at 4 O’clock in the afternoon. It was witnessed by the newly accepted novices and our brother scholastics along with some Montfortian Priests.

The consecration was divided into four parts. It began with the “Allegiance to the Word of God” which took place at the receiving area of the International Novitiate House. This challenged us to firmly believe in the Holy Scripture and in the Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ. It was followed by the “Renewal of the Baptismal Promises” which took place at the Delegation House, which gave us a chance to say wholeheartedly the promises we made during baptism that is, to believe and love God by rejecting Satan together with his deceiving and worldly allurements. In wholeheartedly renewing the vows of baptism, it moved our hearts to renounce forever Satan to share entirely in the new life of Christ. It was followed by the “Consecration and Covenant of Love” to Jesus through Mother Mary. It was very inspiring for us to do all things though Mary, with Mary, in Mary, and for Mary. Lastly, the “Liturgy of the Eucharist” allowed us to partake and receive the eternal food which keeps the vigor of the Holy Spirit and makes us more determined to share and to live out the life of Jesus, allowing ourselves to be molded in Mother Mary.

May our dearest Mother Mary, the spouse of the Holy Spirit, continue to intercede for all of us as we commence the new phase of the Montfortian formation. May our hearts be captured totally in her way of consecrating herself to God leading us to be molded by her virtues for the greater glory of God.

Glory to Jesus in Mary! Glory to Mary in Jesus! Glory to God Alone!

-Lord Ansel Glenn N. Bongcas, SMM


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