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Training in Communications Starts

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Published by Fr. Jailos Mpina, SMM in Rome · 4 July 2018
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ROME, Italy - Faithful to the mandate of the alert points of the General Chapter 2017 on being proactive in today’s world, the General Administration invited Fr. Arul Jose Nashwin, SMM (India), Fr. Benjie Notarte, SMM (Philippines) and Fr. Jailos Augustine Mpina, SMM (Malawi) to be trained in communications by Fr. Reynaldo Bullas Jr. SMM, the Communications-in-charge. The purpose is to prepare the confreres who will be part of the team of communicators for active collaboration and as a response to the demands of manpower. The training is taking place at the General House in Rome.

During the orientation, Fr. Rey presented the three major tasks for the capacity building of the confreres. “The first task is more on the technical aspect which comprises of Web Design & Construction, Updating, Maintenance and Upgrading. The second task is working on the content which involves Data Gathering, News Writing, Editing, Translating, Photo & Video Editing and Uploading. The third task is the Correspondence which aims at strengthening the communication process in all entities and collaboration around the world,” he stated.
Fr. Benjie, SMM, one of the participants, said that the training in communications is very significant to realise the vision of the General Administration. “The training is very relevant to us to realise the goals and vision of the General Administration and the congregation at large. It will help us to be fully at the service of the congregation in the aspect of communications, now and in the future. It is my hope that more confreres will be involved,” he said.  Speaking on behalf of Frs. Nashwin and Jailos, he thanked the General Administration and Fr. Rey for the training of the young confreres in communications.  
Based on the availability of the three confreres, the training began in different dates: Fr. Benjie on 14th May, Fr. Jailos on 12th June and Fr. Nashwin on 2nd July.

Some goals for the team of communicators are: to create a team of communicators for each language group; to assign a coordinator and persons-in-charge for the different tasks; to provide each member of the team with sufficient knowledge about the project; to keep all confreres updated; to secure a smooth, fast and consistent flow of communication and to create a team of translators.

Meanwhile, Fr. Rey is calling upon confreres in different entities to participate actively by sharing their life-giving experiences in the communities, apostolates and missions. He is expecting that with the help of the superiors, in the coming days there will be more confreres who will coordinate with the communications team.
Similar communications training will be done in the near future for confreres from different continents working with Fr. Rey.

-Fr. Jailos Mpina, SMM


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