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Published by Gonzalo Tabares Builes, smm in peru-Brazil · 24 May 2018
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From May 1 to 12, 2018, the Superiors of the Montfortian Entities of Latin America and Caribbean met in Brazil. The objective was to report on the road traveled over the past six years and to determine the Challenges and Lines of Action for the next three years. The gathering’s theme was focused on the management report of the last six years, the determination of challenges and lines of action, the election of the new coordinator and the points to be dealt with by the General Government.

The agenda was developed with the hermeneutical circle   of TO SEE, TO JUDGE and TO ACT. We applied this methodology to areas of   Mission, Formation and Spirituality in Latin America and the Caribbean to   help us examine our successes and also areas where we need to continue to   grow. Our objectives were fully met. All the Superiors of Latin America and   the Caribbean participated : Haiti, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Colombia, and   Peru-Brazil. We   were accompanied in this process by our Superior General, Fr. Luiz Augusto   Stefani, the Vicar General, Fr. Wismick Jean Charles and the General Bursar,   Fr. Jim Brady.  Brother Jean Desiré of   Madagascar was also there.

The meeting was held in Joao Monlevade, a small town in Brazil. It is very quiet and peaceful for gathering such as this. We were welcomed by two of our young priests, Fathers Guilherme Brandao and Alexandre Alves, who lead the mission there, in the Parish of San Louis de Montfort which just celebrated its 25th anniversary on May 13th. We all shared in a beautiful and warm experience of work and sharing. We were very well cared for and received. In the evening, we participated in the Eucharist of the parish, which has 18 communities.
Father Gonzalo Tabares, outgoing coordinator for Latin America, presented his 2012-2018 management report and a video about the integration process in Latin America and the Caribbean from 1974 to 2018.
The LAC Coordinator, Fr. Gonzalo Tabares, with the support of the General Bursar, Fr. Jim Brady, presented the economic report.

Father Luizinho and his Vicar presented some of the   various points that they brought from the General Administration to integrate   into the Coorlac Agenda: "The 2017 General Chapter and the Confident   Mission to the entire Congregation ;" "The Method of Work of   the New Administration ;” and "New Foundations Path of   Discernment." Father General presented a report of the advances in the   discernment about the foundation in Vietnam. Likewise, Bro. Jean Desiré and Fr.   Gonzalo Tabares presented the general report of their recent visit to Mexico.   For this purpose, a short report and video were explained to the group.
Father Jorge Enrique González, Provincial Superior of Colombia, had to return home earlier than expected due to some urgent administrative issues and the precarious health of Montfortian Bishop, Alberto Rozo, who suffered a hip fracture due to a fall at his residence in Colombia.

The Superiors of the entities elected Jorge Enrique as the new Coordinator for the Latin American Coordination (LAC) -who participated via WhatsApp! He accepted under the new way of work established by the group of superiors who were present: each superior is committed to a specific topic and activities. Father Luiz Augusto Stefani, Superior General, confirmed that election.
To finish, a working report was compiled that fell under the same   three areas of thought and reflection. The rubric of ‘See’ starts by   ‘we recognize’, the area of ‘Judge’ begins by ‘we accept’ and the last,   ‘Act’, by ‘we assume.’ Each area listed goals and objectives for the coming   three years of work and mission.

We participated in the parish celebration of the 25 Years of the Parish of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort as a fitting finale to our work as one community.

Gonzalo Tabares Builes, smm
 Outgoing LAC Coordinator


Nancy Lujan Chuchuy
24 May 2018
Qué alegría compartir las actividades que realizan. . . ! ! !
A Jesús por Maria. . . ! ! !
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