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7. My higher purpose: loving the goal

STAGE 2: Awareness of Self


Introductory Prayer:  Come, Holy Spirit (Just click or tap)


Aim: To realise our call to pursue the “greatest gift” or what our soul desires most, i.e., Wisdom.


Striving for spiritual gifts (1 Cor 12:31; 14:1.4-5.12): Brothers and sisters, strive for the greater gifts. And I will show you a still more excellent way. […] Pursue love and strive for the spiritual gifts, and especially that you may prophesy. […] Those who speak in a tongue build up themselves, but those who prophesy build up the church. Now I would like all of you to speak in tongues, but even more to prophesy. One who prophesises is greater than one who speaks in tongues. […] So, brothers and sisters, strive to excel in spiritual gifts.

Striving for Wisdom (LEW 10): “If only we knew the joy of a soul that perceives the beauty of divine Wisdom and is nourished with the milk of divine kindness, we would cry out with the bride in the Song of Songs: ‘Your love is better than wine’ (Song 1:3) better by far than all created delights. This is especially true when divine Wisdom says to those who contemplate her, ‘Taste and see’ (Ps 33:9), eat and drink, ‘be filled with my eternal sweetness’ (Song 5:1), for you will discover that conversing with me is in no way distasteful, that ‘my companionship is never tedious and in me only will you find joy and contentment’ (Wis 8:16)”.


Each of us comes into life to learn and do certain things – what is often referred to as our higher purpose. Our spiritual path can be designed around learning and expressing this higher purpose. When we are able to manifest it, we are in touch with our soul-force and we feel most fulfilled.

Our higher purpose is not meant to be mysterious; in fact it is the most desired thing our soul wishes us to know. The key is paying attention to and trusting our spiritual force or intuition.

Some concrete examples of higher purpose may include: raising a family and learning how to love; caring for people in need; helping the Earth and our human family through these challenging times, etc.

For St. Paul the higher purpose is a kind of “love” that both prophesises  – it offers insights for the future – and builds up the community of believers. For Montfort, it is “wisdom” both as a way of living and as a relationship that provides delight, joy and contentment.

Personal Reflection and Sharing

What is my deepest aspiration or higher purpose as a human being?
What is my deepest aspiration or higher purpose as a Christian?


 “It was through the Blessed Virgin Mary that Jesus came into the world, 

 and it is also through her that he must reign in the world.” 

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