“Who am I?”

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“Who am I?”

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Published by Fr. Arnold Suhardi, SMM in France · 26 April 2019
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FRANCE – “Who am I?” This was the theme of the Montfortian International Formation (MIF) during its first week session held on April 15 to 19, 2019 which was conducted by Fr. Jos VAN DEN BERGH, SMM. As a formator of Personalité et Relation Humaines (PRH), Fr. Jos shared the specific contents and methodology of PRH to all the participants.
The key objective of this session is getting to know each other. In this perspective, it was emphasized that, “Each one of us is a unique human being and we follow Father Montfort with our own unique personality. We are different from him. Our present world is not similar to Father Montfort’s world.” Sharing of life and experiences of each participant allowed them to know each other further.
Among the participants, two shared their thoughts and insights on this session. Mr. Robert LIKOME, a member of Friends of Wisdom from Malawi said, “Through the session, I have managed to know ‘who I am’. I can make my own decisions. Problems that I used to suffer will no longer trouble me. Means and ways for personal growth have been discovered.”
Likewise, Fr. Francis BULIPE, a Montfort missionary from India, said, “The best creation of the universe is the human being with the presence of the Supreme Being in each one. Oftentimes, we tend to neglect or become unaware of this Divine presence. As a result of this, cerebral reasoning and sensibility take active part in our decision-making process. The PRH program animated by Rev. Fr. Jos, SMM, enabled the MIF 2019 group to experience the dynamism of human life. Through this psycho pedagogy, we are able to revitalize and live a meaningful life. Fr. Jos directed the group to rediscover 'Who am I?'. Through exercises, sharing and guidance, he led the group to introspect the effects of the decisions we make in life. The goal of the PRH program was to reach from inklings to unwavering certainties, where our decisions are in unison with the Supreme Being”.
At the end of the session, Fr. Jos had the opportunity to hear directly the impressions of each participant. In essence, it can be said that the content and methodology presented in this session allowed each participant of the three congregations to know himself or herself better and to know each one among the participants even though most of them met for the first time.
Fr. Arnold Suhardi, SMM


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