Marian Chants by Montfort in the Cathedral of Den Bosch

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Marian Chants by Montfort in the Cathedral of Den Bosch

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Published by Fr. Stefan Musanai, SMM; Fr. Charles Leta, SMM in Netherlands · 7 June 2021
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NETHERLANDS - Today's good news comes from the Montfortians in the Netherlands. The Marian chants of Montfort were sung for pilgrims in one of the most famous sanctuaries in the Netherlands: the St. John's Cathedral in Den Bosch on Sunday, May 30, 2021.
This presentation, at the invitation of The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Den Bosch, concluded the Marian month. Members of ‘The Brotherhood’ were present at the Mary symposium on March 23, 2019, on the occasion of the publication of the book and CD 'Maria en de Mariaverering' in the chants of Montfort van Wiel Logister smm. That's where the idea arose to sing these Marian chants in St John's. This took place on Sunday, close to the statue of Mary, Our Lady of Den Bosch, surrounded by candles and flowers. In the presence of 50 guests and other pilgrims who happened to visit the cathedral, text and music came into their own. The singers and musicians were professionals. The concert could also be followed via livestream.
Before the concert started, the cathedral priest gave a short introduction to what was about to happen and invited Fr. Peter Denneman, SMM, the Provincial Superior of the Dutch Montfortians, to present the chants of Saint Montfort. He began to tell the life story of Montfort and then spoke about Montfort's theological reflections and his pastoral activities. In his pastorate, Montfort tried to update his theological and philosophical reflections in the chants he sang with the people. With this introduction, Peter placed Saint Montfort in his time, in order to understand him better.
This concert became interesting because it was held at the end of May: the month of Mary. This reminds us that the life vocation of the Montfortians cannot be separated from the spiritual life of Mary. The Devotion to Our Lady is part of our spirituality. Through this presentation, the spiritual message of Montfort still lives with us after 3 centuries. Yes, that Sunday afternoon, we had a clear spiritual message for the pilgrims in St. John!
As followers of Saint Montfort, we are called today to live and share the spiritual messages of Montfort with the world in which we live and work.
If, in the past, Montfort and his followers sang his chants in the street, we can do it in our own way too. To sing the Marian chants in places of pilgrimage where many pilgrims come to gain strength from Mary, our Lady will lead us in her own way to receive the salvation of her Son.
Fr. Stefan Musanai, SMM
Fr. Charles Leta, SMM


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