Montfort EurHope 08: Montfortian March 2019

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Montfort EurHope 08: Montfortian March 2019

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Published by Sr. Christine in France · 2 August 2019
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FRANCE - This 37th Montfortian March will remain in the annals with its extreme temperatures up to 41°C, but not enough to stop the Montfortian marchers who were determined to join the group from Pontchâteau by the Brière or the Vineyard. Knowing a growing success for several years with nearly 80 marchers divided into 2 groups, these led us to 130 kms in the footsteps of Father de Montfort in the Nantais between vineyards and marshes.

If the freshness has sometimes failed us, we have watered in the freshness of life and writings of Father de Montfort who has not taken a ride for 300 years. In stopping at the places where Montfort lived, we became more aware of the purpose of this march: to obtain true missionaries and Wisdom by Mary. Each visit and each stop were an opportunity to see how Montfort was spending body and soul to announce Wisdom, planting here and there a “Calvary” at the end of each mission.

Upon arrival, when we asked the marchers on how they felt about this week’s pilgrimage on foot, what a delight to hear the words sharing, simplicity, stripping, listening, mutual help, Mary, prayer... so many echoes in the manner how Father de Montfort lived.

The marchers have already taken note of the next Montfortian March at the end of July 2020.
Sr. Christine
Daughter of Wisdom

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