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Published by General Administration, SMM in Rome · 18 January 2021
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The initiative:
At the end of his parish missions, Saint Louis-Marie urged Christians to pray the Rosary to obtain the grace of perseverance. At the end of the Montfortian Year for Europe 2020, we want to persevere in prayer for the future of the Continent and of the Montfortian mission in Europe by praying the Rosary together via Zoom on every first Monday of the month.
In this initiative, entitled “Rosarium_Montfort_EurHope”, the soloists will pray the first part of the Ave in various languages ​​and the rest of the participants will complete the Ave in Latin. One or several images of our communities in Europe will be shown at the beginning of the Rosary to know and support one another in prayer. At the conclusion of the Rosary and before the final blessing, we will pray the inspired prayer to the Virgin Mary for Europe, composed by Saint John Paul II.
When: The first Mondays of the month in 2021:
04/01; 01/02; 01/03; 05/04; 03/05; 07/06; 05/07; 02/08; 06/09; 04/10; 01/11; 06/12.
Schedule: 9:00 p.m. (Rome Time)
Image(s) of a Montfortian community in Europe
Holy Rosary
Prayer to the Virgin Mary for Europe
Final blessing
Announcement of the Mysteries displayed: in French / English / Italian.
Pater Noster: in Latin.
Ave Maria: 1st part in the language chosen ​​by the volunteers and 2nd part in Latin.
Gloria: in Latin.
Prayer to the Virgin Mary for Europe: recited by the volunteer in his/her chosen language.
How to be part of it:
Once the Zoom application has been downloaded, you can respond each time to the invitation by tapping on the Link sent in the email. Each participant may share the link with others (confreres, laity, diocesan priests, groups, etc.) simply by forwarding the email received. Some may receive the invitation through WhatsApp.
In the hope of praying together from next First Monday, we wish you a joyful 2021.
General Administration, SMM

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