Superior General’s Visit and Delegation Assembly in Belgium

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Superior General’s Visit and Delegation Assembly in Belgium

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Published by Nepolean James Raj in Belgium · 15 January 2019
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GENK, Belgium - On Wednesday, the 5th of December 2018, the Superior General, Fr. Luiz Augusto Stefani, SMM and the General Councillor, Fr. Marco Pasinato, SMM, who is responsible for Europe, arrived in Belgium. On the following day, the 6th of December 2018, the delegation assembly was held in Genk. Almost all of the confreres were present at the event. There were four important moments noted during the meeting, not to mention the welcome prayer and the concluding words.
First, Deacon Ghislain, a Congolese confrere, was welcomed into the delegation. He is one of those first confreres who were sent as missionaries to Europe. Br. Ghislain confirmed his consent to be part of this delegation in a form of prayer and promise. He was then wholeheartedly received by our Delegation Superior, Fr. Jos Van den Bergh, in the presence of the Superior General and his councillor.
Second, the General Superior addressed the assembly with a call to restore the missionary zeal in Belgium. He advised us to find ways and means to make the Montfortian spirituality known to the people through innovative missionary undertakings. In his own words, he said, “Let the presence of the Montfortians not disappear from Europe. Instead, let us join in collaboration with the growing entities to ensure the renewal and newness of these old entities in Europe.” He also thanked the willingness of Br. Ghislain to be a missionary in this entity and appreciated as well the openness of the Belgian Confreres for their collaboration and renewal. After him, Fr. Marco divulged to us the plans of the Superior General and his Council for Europe. He informed us about organizing a European Gathering in 2020 and asked our entity to prepare for it. He promised to send the details of the plan of this gathering in the coming days.
Third, Fr. Jan Tachelet threw some light on the possibilities of initiating new missionary activities here in Belgium and the ways to ensure financial stability. Since the State and the Church work together in this country, we have to demonstrate our spirituality with thoughtfulness so that it adequately responds to the needs of the Church and also corresponds to the demands of the rules of the State. He even requested us to consider those possibilities for introducing liveliness in our mission and vibrancy in our Montfortian presence. He was also applauded for the inquiries he has done and for gathering information as well.
Fourth, the newly-elected Delegation Superior and his council were made known to the assembly. Moreover, Fr. Jos Van den Bergh remained as the Delegation Superior for the second time and Fr. Jef Scheepens and Br. Karlos De Maegd were the newly-chosen councillors. The Superior General thanked the old team for their commitment and dedicated service to the congregation. After the installation of the new team, the assembly was ended with a sumptuous meal. Everyone wished the new team the best of luck.
Nepolean James Raj


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