Montfort EurHope 04: The First Meeting of the BDNL New Montfort Missionaries

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Montfort EurHope 04: The First Meeting of the BDNL New Montfort Missionaries

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Published by Charles Leta, SMM in Belgium · 30 May 2019
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LEUVEN, Belgium - In Leuven, young Montfort missionaries from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands (BDNL) met on ​​May 23-25, 2019 namely: Fr. Nepolean James Raj and Fr. Ghislain K. Kavendivwa of Belgium; Fr. Rayappa Joseph, Fr. Anand Valle of Germany, Fr. Stefan Musanai and Fr. Charles Leta of the Netherlands. Fr. Jos Van den Bergh, the Delegation Superior of Belgium and Fr. Peter Denneman, the Provincial Superior of the Netherlands were also present. They helped us as animators of the meeting. This meeting was historic because it was the start of collaboration among young Montfortians in welcoming the European Montfort Year 2020.
On May 23rd around 6:30 pm, the meeting started with our introduction as young missionaries. We also shared our stories about the process of coming to Europe. This is how we got to know each other and a way to build up our brotherhood as young Montfortians who are currently going to work in Europe.
The meeting resumed at 9 o’clock in the morning on the following day after the Eucharistic celebration. Everyone was asked the questions: “Who am I?” and “Who do I want to be as a Montfortian Missionary?”. These questions invited us to look deeper inside, to discover the characteristics of Father de Montfort and how they are reflected in our lives as Montfortians. Everyone took the time first to reflect personally and then shared it to others.
The second session of the same day was continued at 3:00 pm with the same methods such as personal reflection and sharing. We tried to dream about a mission work à la Montfort and then to find concrete programs and actions that could be carried out by us in Europe. It was truly interesting. Everyone tried to integrate the Montfortian spirituality in his own pastoral ministry in Europe. With this personal reflection and exchange, we enriched each other in the realization of our mission in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.
The meeting ended with a walk through the city of Leuven. This first meeting was indeed a positive experience to all. This is the reason why we have agreed to hold such a meeting 3 times a year. In fact, the next meeting will take place in the Netherlands from 16th to 18th of October 2019.
Fr. Charles Leta, SMM


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