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The House of Phil

Montfort News
Published by Magda Van Goidsenhoven in Belgium · 4 May 2018
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BELGIUM - On 17th January 2018, exactly 6 years after Fr. Phil Bosmans died, Meeuwen-Gruitrode, the community where Phil was born, and Bond zonder Naam (Bond without Name) organised an evening to share their projects with a large public. Last year they presented their plans to keep Phil’s memory alive and to continue to spread his ideas and writings. Today some of these projects have already been realised: a square named after Phil Bosmans, a work of art, a statue, a play and a book. All these are initiatives realised by the House of Phil, both a group of people who are engaged to keep Phil Bosmans’ spirit alive and a place where his rich heritage can be shared by lots of people. The House of Phil will have a permanent setting in the Commanderij, a medieval castle which is still in renovation.
Four people who were very closely involved in each of the projects were invited to share their experiences: Rombout Nijssen, archivist, who wrote a book in collaboration with Rick Deleeuw, artist and host of the night, Lode Ceyssens, mayor of Meeuwen-Gruitrode, Pieter Neyrinckx, historian, and Jef Van Kerckhoven, ex-montfortian and loyal companion of Phil.
It was an interesting and warm evening: it’s good to know that Phil Bosmans’ writings and ideas are still alive and treasured for future generations.
-Magda Van Goidsenhoven


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