The Mission of the General Council in Latin America has started and continues

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The Mission of the General Council in Latin America has started and continues

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Published by Fr. Wismick Jean Charles, SMM in Peru-Brazil · 15 February 2019
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In accordance with the sixth challenge of the Acts of the General Chapter of 2017, namely the challenge of a style of governance adapted to the realities of the Congregation and the world which requires fostering of "a physical, useful and effective presence of the Generalate close to the entities ", the members of the General Council set out, at the beginning of this new year, towards Latin America.
A first group (Marco and Wismick) left Rome on January 7, 2019 to Peru. The second group (Luizinho and Arnold) left the general house on February 5, 2019, to go to Brazil.
Marco and Wismick began their mission in Peru with the visit of the confreres of the parish communities of San Martin de Pores of Tingo Maria, Saint Andrew of Huaycan, Our Lady of the Visitation of Lima, the Montfort Center of Nana, and the Juniorate Latino American in Lima. During these missionary visits, these two general councilors held individual meetings with each confrere; celebrated masses with the parish communities, presided at the silver jubilee of the creation of the delegation Maria Luisa Peru - Ecuador - Argentina (PEA) of the Daughters of Wisdom and met the Montfort Associates of Peru.
The visit to the confreres of Peru was followed by the retreat of the general delegation Peru Brazil (21-25 January 2019), a retreat in two voices, preached by Marco and Wismick, which ended with the assembly of the delegation (from January 28 to February 1, 2019).
While Marco and Wismick began their second Latin America mission on Tuesday, February 5, on their way to Ecuador, Luizinho and Arnold flew, on the same day, from Rome to Brazil. The mission to Brazil of Father General accompanied by Father Arnold began with the visit of the confreres of the parish of St. Rose de Lima of Sao Paulo, followed by a meeting with the leaders of this parish. Then, they visited the Parish Sanctuary of Our Lady of All Peoples, Atibia, met with the laity of this parish and held a fraternal meeting with Monsignor Sergio Colombo. Luizinho and Arnold then headed to Minas Gerais for a meeting with the Friends of Montfort of the Saint-Louis Marie de Montfort parish of Pass and continued on João Monlevade to live with the two confreres of this community and meet with the Montfort Associates of this region.
In the meantime, Marco and Wismick were visiting the confreres of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish of Machala in Ecuador and of the missionary community of Sevilla and Lago Agrio within the Apostolic Vicariate of Sucumbios. They presented a summary of Montfortian spirituality to the Montfortian Associates of Machala, celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes with the Daughters of Wisdom in Quito, and met the Bishop of the Apostolic Vicariate of Sucumbios, Bishop Selmo Lazzari for an evaluation of the Montfortian mission in this Vicariate. (See photos of these different events on the SMM website). They are actually getting ready to accompany the Assembly of the Delegation which will be held from February 18 to February 22, 2019 in Banos.
This mission of proximity of the General Council to these two entities of Latin America (Delegation Brazil / Peru and Ecuador) is part of the Continental Montfortian Missionary Year 2019. An evaluation of this first stage of the mission in Latin America will be held in early March to correct, adjust and improve this first experience, before the start of the second phase of this continental mission that starts on March 12 in Nicaragua (Luizinho and Wismick) and continues in Colombia (Luizinho, Marco and Wismick) beginning April 1.
The prayers of each confrere and all the entities are needed for the success of this Continental Montfortian Missionary Year (Latin America, North America and the Caribbean).
With the pilgrims of the General Administration on journey, the mission continues.
Fr. Wismick Jean Charles, SMM


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