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An Interview with Fr. Fidelis Wotan, SMM
ROME, Italy- Rev. Fr. Fidelis Bolo Wotan, SMM has finalised his studies on Mariology at the Pontifical Faculty of Theology of Marianum in Rome with summa cum laude. Fr. Jailos Augustine Mpina, SMM interviewed him on...
Published by Fr. Jailos Mpina, SMM - 10/7/2018
New Administration of the General Delegation of Francophone Africa
On 1st July 2018, Father Luiz Augusto Stefani, Superior General, with the consent of his Council, has appointed Father Atubengulu Constantin ATALIPA...
Published by Fr. Jailos Mpina,SMM - 9/7/2018
Training in Communications Starts
ROME, Italy - Faithful to the mandate of the alert points of the General Chapter 2017 on being proactive in today’s world, the General Administration invited Fr. Arul Jose Nashwin, SMM (India), Fr. Benjie Notarte, SMM...
Published by Fr. Jailos Mpina, SMM - 4/7/2018
An Exclusive Interview with Bishop Gilles Côté, SMM
ROME, Italy - Bishop Gilles Côté, SMM of Daru-Kiunga diocese in Papua New Guinea, recently attended the Anglophone Conference for the Safeguarding of Children. The conference hosted by the Australian Catholic Bishops...
Published by Fr. Jailos Mpina, SMM - 27/6/2018
We’ve Only Just Begun: 1st TTJ in BF Homes
QUEZON CITY, Philippines - The recently concluded Totus Tuus Journey at the Holy Spirit Parish in BF Homes, QC was launched last October 7, 2017 on the feast of the Our Lady of the Rosary and culminated last June 9, 2018 on...
Published by Gelly Soriano-Fernandez - 25/6/2018
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