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(SMM, DW/FDS, SGB/FSG, LAY Associates/laïcs associés , Friends/amis)

                   SMM-Rome (Generalate)       SMM-Germany                            SMM-Netherlands
                   SMM-Africa Anglophone        SMM-Great Britain & Ireland      SMM-Papua New Guinea
                   SMM-Africa Francophone      SMM-Haiti                                  SMM-Peru-Brazil
                   SMM-Belgium                        SMM-India                                  SMM-Philippines
                   SMM-Canada                         SMM-Indonesia                           SMM-Portugal
                   SMM-Colombia                      SMM-Italy                                   SMM-United States of America
                   SMM-Ecuador                       SMM-Madagascar
                   SMM-France                         SMM-Malawi-IT

         DW (Daughters of Wisdom- registered only)  -  FDS (Filles de la Sagesse- enregistrée seulement)
         SGB (Brothers of St. Gabriel-registered only) - FSG (Frères de Saint-Gabriel-enregistrée seulement)
         Lay Associates (registered only)  -  Laïcs Associés (inscrit uniquement)
         Friends (registered only)  -  les amis (enregistrés seulement)


General Administration (General Council, General Bursar, General Secretary)
Superiors of Entities                    
Members of the Communications Team

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