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What do we celebrate?

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This question can be answered by another one : Who is celebrated? A person is celebrated, Montfort! This means bringing to mind who he was in his life, developing awareness of who he is for us and for the Church today and finally exploring what it can be for us in the future: what orientations, what specific projects can he inspire us?


2.1: Celebrating Montfort means...

Before listing a series of activities, let us think of a way of celebrating a person we admire and love. The first question is not “What will we do”, but rather “What would please this person?” Therefore let us ask ourselves “What will please Montfort on this feast emphasizing his birth in heaven?” The answer can easily be found in what Montfort wrote, accomplished and desired all his life. This can be summarized in three points:

1. To discover and welcome God’s immense love for each of us and for the world. This love was manifested in Christ, Eternal and Incarnate Wisdom. And it was in Mary that Christ came in us and to us, and He still does it today.
2. To proclaim the joy of the Good News by word and gesture, by one’s personal life and relationship with others.
3. To bring the Father’s compassion to the poor of the world by welcoming them and being with them, by our concrete commitment to defend, help and accompany them.

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