THE NETHERLANDS: Montfort Day in Vroenhof

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THE NETHERLANDS: Montfort Day in Vroenhof

Montfort News
Published by Marian Claeren in Netherlands · 2 May 2014
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The Dutch Montfortians celebrated the 298th Montfort Day last Monday, 28 April 2014. Like two years ago the personnel of the two communities were also invited. The people who take care of us and help us on a daily basis got a small introduction on the spirituality of Montfort. During the celebration a wooden statue of Montfort was placed in front of the Chapel. It came from the Dutch Daughters of Wisdom, who have no house of their own anymore. The three sisters that are living in Vroenhof were also invited. The main celebrant was Peter Denneman and Hub Kleijkers played the organ. The first reading was taken from the book ‘Touched by the humility of God’, by Wiel Logister. We sang old Montfortian songs as ‘Vive Jésus, vive sa croix’ and ‘Animés de l’amour’. After the Mass, drinks and fabulous meal was served. Hearing the sound of gladness was an indication that the people enjoyed very much the celebration!

-Marian Claeren
pictures: Harry Stoffelen, smm



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