Feast of the Assumption at the Calvary of Pontchâteau

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Feast of the Assumption at the Calvary of Pontchâteau

Montfort News
Published by Fr. Georges Madore, SMM in France · 1 September 2014
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PONTCHÂTEAU, France- Special celebrations marked the feast of the Assumption on 15 August this year. For the first time, a triduum was offered to the local population and the pilgrims. It was organized around three themes:
13 August: welcoming Christ with Mary.
14 August: following Christ with Mary.
15 August: giving thanks to God with Mary.

On the 13 and 14, an evening celebration of prayer and preaching was presented, with audio-visuals and singing by the choir. On the 15th, the day started off with the solemn mass: there was the procession with the statue, and hymns accompanied by the organ and the trumpet. Solemn vespers were sang in the afternoon, gathering a full crowd at the main chapel. Finally, the Marian hour was presented: it ended with beautiful fireworks at the ‘Scala Sancta. All in all, around 2000 people participated in these events. Such interest is encouraging for the team working at the Calvary and signals that people are in need of sound spirituality.

-Fr. Georges Madore, SMM



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