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Tercentenary plan for the Province 2015-16

1.  A seminar for the Brother 40+
2.  A seminar for Brothers 40-
3.  Selected Local Superiors to attend a seminar organised in the National Biblical, Catechetical and Liturgical Center (NBCLC).
4.  A Prayer composed for the occasion and to be sent around for praying every day.
5.  Installing Montfort statue in every chapel.
6.  Special Montfortian week to be conducted in all the schools.
7.  Montfortian education charted to be systematically studied by selected Brothers and Teachers who in turn will implement the same in the schools.
8.  Effectively implement the decision to make all our institutions as inclusive in nature.
9.  To upgrade the Sattur High school into Higher Secondary for the benefit of the down trodden of the society.
10. One day seminar to be organised for teachers who were appointed after 2013 on the life and Charism of Montfort at Sector level.
11. Common calendar to be printed to all the schools.
12. A poster with a logo and slogan to be printed for all the institution.
13. Each school to plan a programme for the whole year.
Bro. Mariannan
Provincial Superior
Province of Ranchi

For the Tercentenary celebration, committee is formed. The committee will organize the programme based on the life of Montfort Institution and Province level. Institution level will be held in each schools from the month of August to October and in the Province level in the month of November, 2015.

Bro. Clement Kandulna

Activities for the Tercentenary of the death of Montfort
In the Province of Yercaud – India of the Brothers of St Gabriel

A committee has been appointed which will formulate the detailed programmes and its timings.

1. Two seminars will be organized for the various age group Brothers during the academic year 2015-16.
2. Before December 2015, a common pilgrimage will be arranged for Brothers to Vailankanni.
3. During the month of September and also in December, Province level Montfortian retreats will be organized for Brothers.
4. ‘Montfortian Scholarship’ to be started for poor children in all our fee levying Institutions from June 2015.
5. Retreat and seminars for all the Catholic teachers and students during the academic year 2015-16, will be separately organized by individual Institutions.

With regards,
Bro.George Kalangod
Provincial Superior

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