Disposition for a Happy Death - Writings of Montfort

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Dispositions for a Happy Death

On the eve of the death of St Louis Marie, a copy of the Dispositions for a Happy Death was found among the effects of the missionaries accompanying him.
On a few blank pages of this little book, Fr. Mulot wrote the Last Will and Testament that the dying man had dictated to him.
This explains why the copy of this little work, the only one now existing, has been preserved.
It comprises five parts, the last three of which are certainly not the work of St Louis Marie, but rather of Fr. J. Nouet, S.J. The second part "Vast expanses of Paradise" appears also to be borrowed from someone else.
The first part, however, on the remote, proximate and final dispositions for death, which are similar to drafts of sermons found in St Louis Marie's Book of Sermons, could well be his own work.
In the final dispositions, we find exhortations to true devotion towards the Blessed Virgin, and to renew our Baptismal promises, themes very dear to St Louis Marie.
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