Methods of Reciting the Rosary - Writings of Montfort

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Methods of Reciting the Rosary
As would be expected from a popular missionary, St Louis Marie's book, The Admirable Secret of the Rosary, was meant to serve as a practical apostolate, and with this in mind he added to his book three methods for saying the Rosary, including one which he had composed for the Daughters of Wisdom. He gives two further methods in his Book of Sermons, and these are included in "God Alone - The Collected Writings of St. Louis Marie de Montfort". An appendix to Methods of reciting the Rosary in God Alone adds some passages which St Louis Marie quotes verbatim from other authors, on The Principal Rules of the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary, the power and dignity of the Rosary and the dignity of the Hail Mary.

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