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Fr. Nepo, SMM defends his Doctoral Thesis

LEUVEN, Belgium - It was a cloudy day in Leuven, Belgium but Father Nepo’s bright smile made everything glitter. Indeed, it was also the feast day of St. Lucy, the saint of light. In the august presence of a host of distinguished professors at the Catholic University of Leuven, and in the presence of the local bishop, under whose shepherding he renders his pastoral service, Dr. Fr. Nepo successfully defended his doctoral thesis on December 13, 2023...

A Month of Rosary

FLANDERS, Belgium - The month of May is popularly known as the month of Mary in the Roman Catholic Church. In Flanders, many devotees choose this month to visit well-known Marian pilgrimage sites, such as Scherpenheuvel and Banneux, and organize processions in honour of the patron saints. Similarly, the month of October is celebrated as the Month of the Rosary by practicing Roman Catholics...

Memorial Celebration in the Belgian Delegation

ROTSELAAR, Belgium – In observance of the annual tradition during All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day, the Belgian delegation organized this year’s memorial celebration on Sunday, 29th of October in Rotselaar, where the delegation cemetery is located. Invitations were sent to the families of the deceased confreres and despite noting a noticeable decrease in family member attendance in recent years, approximately 80 people participated in the Eucharist this year...

Introduction of the Lectio Divina at Genk

BELGIUM - The current state of the Church in the West is marked by a deep concern for those believers who have left the church or no longer attend services. Unfortunately, in the process, our Church seems to be neglecting the pastoral and spiritual needs of those who remain faithful and continue to actively participate in our faith-community...
Fr. Nepo, SMM | 19/10/2023

350 Pilgrims visit D’Oppe Grotto

BELGIUM - In an era marked by heightened ecological awareness and a deep sense of responsibility for our planet, we, as Christians, have reason to take pride in the environmentally friendly settings of Marian pilgrimage sites. Many of these sacred places are situated in serene, secluded locations that harmoniously coexist with nature...
Fr. Jan, SMM | 13/10/2023

St. Ermelindis Procession in Meldert

HOEGAARDEN, Belgium - Even non-believers will have to admit that the Ermelindis procession has tremendous power to strengthen people in faith and unify them in the spirit of togetherness. This village feast, which is indeed a commemoration and veneration of the patron saint of the village, is the highlight of the Pentecost weekend in the surroundings of Meldert, Hoegaarden. The village of Meldert has just over 1,100 inhabitants, yet it is known for this feast celebrated on the Monday after Pentecost...

In Lourdes with a Group of Pilgrims from Belgium

LOURDES, France - From 14 to 20 July, I guided a group of pilgrims to Lourdes. A total of 25 people attended the pilgrimage, and it was a mixed group coming from the different provinces of Flanders. These days, almost all dioceses in Belgium organize pilgrimage to Lourdes in the summer. They usually come in big groups and were accompanied by many volunteers. These dioceses take their pilgrims in special trains that travels directly to Lourdes. In this manner, pilgrims need not to worry about changing trains or shifting their baggages from one train to another. These dioceses take also sick, bed-ridden, and wheelchair-bound pilgrims in the trains. The pilgrimage is well-organized, and many young volunteers are extremely happy to accompany these vulnerable people...

Praying together

GENK, Belgium - In May, I moved from the community of Kessel-Lo to the community of Genk. Within a month, under the guidance of Fr. Ludo who is a kind and caring Montfortian collaborator, I have been around the area and have met many faithful. The charismatic priest, Fr. Ludo, apart from carrying out his priestly office in his parish, helps people who are in grave need of pastoral visits and spiritual support. I have gone with him to visit a few sick and elderly people...

Pilgrimage to Lourdes

LOURDES - Pilgrimage to Lourdes in July: A personal and community experience encounter with God and with others in the footsteps of Saint Bernadette. From the Latin peregrinus, pilgrimage means "to go far". The pilgrim is the one who travels far, who goes to a foreign country and stays there. Then, gradually, the word will become "pilgrimage" as travel to holy places for religious purposes...
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