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“Day of Mercy” with the Prisoners

FOGGIA, Italy - On Saturday, May 11, 2024, for the city of Foggia, the “Day of Mercy” took place at the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary Crowned Mother of God. This wonderful meeting was attended by prisoners accompanied by their chaplains. They were also accompanied by volunteers from Santeramo in Colle of the Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts and by the Montfortian novices Matteo and Martino, who already during the year visit the prisoners every Tuesday afternoon, listening to their stories, sharing with simplicity, faith and the rosary...

An Interview with Fr. Oscar SAGWANTI, SMM, a missionary in Italy

CALABRIA, Italy - Just before he clocked 50, marking the Golden jubilee birthday celebration and 25th anniversary of religious life in the Company of Mary, Fr. Oscar SAGWANTI, SMM, from Africa Anglophone Delegation, received obedience to go to Italy for a new mission. He had mixed feelings as his request to first celebrate the silver jubilee was not granted. However, motivated and recalling the point of actions of the Acts of the General Chapter 1993, acting together and availability, he joyfully accepted and currently enjoys the mission in Bianco community, Calabria, Italy. Fr. Jailos MPINA, SMM had a conversation with Fr. Oscar...

The more I am staying here, the better - Fr. Fortune, a missionary in Italy

BIANCO, Italy - For the first time, the Province of Italy received two confreres from Africa Anglophone Delegation for the “mission” in Italy. Fr. Oscar SANGWANTI, SMM and Fr. Fortune Partison GONDWE, SMM arrived in Rome on 22 March 2022 and began their Italian language study at Dante Alighieri school while staying at the Scholasticate International Community in Via Romagna. They were officially welcomed in Bianco International Community on 10th July 2022 as members of the community and pastors of Tutti i Santi (All Saints) Parish in the Diocese of Locri-Gerace in Calabria. Fr. Jailos MPINA, SMM had an interview with Fr. Fortune...

“Apostles of peace with Mary in the latter times”

SAN GIOVANNI ROTONDO, Italy - From April 5 to 7, 2024, the Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts, Regional Center of Trinitapoli, Italy, organized its 15th edition of the Montfortian Marian Conference in San Giovanni Rotondo, a municipality located in the province of Foggia in the Puglia Region. The city linked to Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina welcomed around two hundred Montfort Associates from different regions of Italy...
Dolaa DHANUSH | 09 Apr 2024

Installation of an Indian Confrere as Parish Priest in Italy

GINOSA, Italy - On Sunday, October 5, the Parish Community of the “Immaculate Heart” of Ginosa – Taranto (Italy) gathered with Bishop Sabino IANNUZZI for the “entry” rite of the new parish priest, Fr. Cletus M. DAVID, SMM, on the path of life and faith. Originally from the Vice-Province of India, Fr. Cletus (called by all as "Padre Cleto") is already on his third experience in a parish entrusted to the Province of Italy, and during the last three years, he had been a parish priest of Pardesca di Bianco (Reggio Calabria)...

A Special Day in Redona “Villa Santa Maria”

BERGAMO, Italy – On Saturday, October 7, 2023, in an atmosphere of special occasions at the "Villa Santa Maria", the community celebrated the 50 years of religious life of Fathers Mario ZANA, Angelo VITALI, Luigi PEDRETTI, Giorgio MONZANI, Luciano ANDREOL, and Pier Luigi NAVA. Fortunately, the celebration of the second part of the Provincial Chapter attracted around twenty capitulating brothers to Redona...
Fr. Santino EPIS, SMM | 20 Oct 2023

Italian Province in Chapter

BERGAMO, Italy - From 9 to 11 October, the Provincial Chapter of Italy celebrated its second session, the one dedicated to the reception of the Acts of the General Chapter. A time to verify the spiritual path and the action plans while integrating the Provincial programs into the provisions given by the General Chapter...

Weekend of Marian and Montfortian Spirituality

LORETO, Italy - From September 15 to 17, the meeting that was organized by the Italian Province and directed by Fr. Giuseppe DAMINELLI, SMM, provincial councilor in charge of the spirituality commission, resumed in Loreto after the suspension due to the pandemic. The recipients are all those who have chosen Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort as their spiritual master and for those who wish to know him or embark on the path of holiness traced by him...

Spiritual Retreat in Loreto

LORETO, Italy - From September 10 to 14, the spiritual retreat for the confreres of the Italian Province took place in Loreto, in the house which was the Montfortian scholasticate for thirty years and presently belongs to the Salesians. The retreat, led by Father Giovanni GIOVE, priest of the diocese of Altamura (Bari), saw the participation of around twenty confreres, including scholastics, aspirants from Croatia and some members of the General Curia...

Two new novices in the Province of Italy

SANTERAMO, Italy - “Dearest brothers, what are you asking? »: it was with these words that Fr. Luciano NEMBRINI, SMM, the Novices Master, addressed Marcin and Mateusz during the brief rite of initiation into religious life. And Marcin and Mateusz responded: “We ask you to live your life, during a period of trial, in the desire to perfectly follow Christ, Wisdom Incarnate, according to the charism of the Missionaries of the Company of Mary”...

New Evangelization and Modernity

BERGAMO, Italy – Father Battista CORTINOVIS, SMM at the age of 80 is always a dynamic director of “The Apostle of Mary” in Italy, a Montfortian Marian and Missionary Magazine that stands out for its international scope and its attention to the themes of modernity. Recently, he published this article on the new evangelization in Europe which can interest our reflection in all latitudes of the world...

The Montfortian Community in Poland

CZĘSTOCHOWA, Poland - Last November 22, at Częstochowa, the Brothers of Saint Gabriel, represented by their Vicar General, Br. Dionigi TAFFARELLO, and the Montfort Missionaries of the Italian Province, represented by the Provincial Fr. Mario BELOTTI, SMM and the bursar, Fr. Angelo SORTI, SMM, signed the deed of transfer of ownership of a house located at about two kilometers away from the Holy Cross Basilica where the most famous icon of the Black Madonna is kept and venerated...
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