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NU-AFF-121- CONGO: les néo-profès avec les FdlS de Kinshasa, à la fête de l’Immaculée
NU-AFA-120- MALAWI: Rt. Rev. Thomas Luke Msusa Appointed as Arcbishop of Blantyre
NU-GEN-119- ROME: Fr. Santino meets the Pope

NU-IDO-117- INDONESIA: International Meeting of SMM Formators
NU-PHL-116- PHILIPPINES: “Open the door to Jesus”
NU-AFA-115- Malawi:  Installation of Fr. Callisto Baluwa as parish priest of Balaka
NU-PHL-114- PHILIPPINES: Montfortian Parish Feast Day Celebration

NU-FRA-113- France: 15 nouveaux montfortains
NU-PHL-112- PHILIPPINES: The Postulancy and the Mission Team in Cebu celebrate Family Day 2013
NU-FRA-111- FRANCE: Noviciat 2013-2014
NU-MAD-110- MADAGASCAR: 80 ans de présence montfortaine à Madagascar
NU-PHL-109- PHILIPPINES: Updates from the International Novitiate
NU-COL-108- COLOMBIA: Inicio del Noviciado Latino-Americano y del Caribe - 2013-2014
NU-IDO-107- INDONESIA: A Montfortian Retreat in Java Region
NU-GEN-105- ROME: L’internationalité dynamisée par le sens de la Fête
NU-FRA-104- FRANCE: Mois Montfortain en France

NU-PHL-103- PHILIPPINES: TTJ Formators Training in Cebu
NU-PHL-102- PHILIPPINES: Launching of TTJ Batch 12 in Cebu
NU-IDO-101- INDONESIA: New Postulants for the Year 2013
NU-IDO-100- INDONESIA: Temporary Vows, Final Vows and Priesthood Ordination 2013

NU-PHL-99- PHILIPPINES: Renewal of Vows of Bro. Benjie and Bro. Arnel

JULY 2013
NU-PHL-97- Bulacan, Philippines - First Religious Profession of Eight Novices
NU-USA-96- United States - West Islip, NY - Dedication of Memorial Plaque for Hospital Chaplains
NU-COL-95- COLOMBIA –  Encuentro Latinoamericano y del Caribe de Animadores Vocacionales y Formadores de Prenoviciados Montfortianos
NU-IDA-94- India – Bangalore: Session on psychosexual integration for junior confreres
NU-PHL-93- Montfortian Philippine Delegation Welcomes New Postulants in their New Formation House
NU-PHL-92- PHILIPPINES: 21st Anniversary of Sta. Teresita Parish and Installation of the New Parish Priest
NU-PBZ-91- ÑAÑA-LIMA-PERÚ: Asamblea Intermonfortiana
NU-PHL-90- PHILIPPINES: Bro. Federick’s Profession of Religious Vows
NU-IDA-89- INDIA: Fifty five Children Received the Sacrament of Confirmation
NU-IDA-88- INDIA: Children’s Camp
NU-AFA-87- UGANDA: Priestly Ordination of Fr Francis Muhanji, SMM
NU-COL-86- PAIPA, COLOMBIA: Primeras Profesiones en El Noviciado Internacional
NU-PBZ-85- BRÉSIL: «L'avenir appartient à Dieu"

JUNE 2013
NU-PNG-84- PNG: Mission Accomplished! Fr. Richard returns to Canada
NU-CAN-83- Montréal – Confrères en formation permanente
NU-AFA-82- KENYA: Ordination to Priesthood of Fr. Jacob Ombidi Otieno
NU-PHL-81- PHILIPPINES: Priests Gathering- Meeting, Relaxation and Bonding
NU-GEN-80- ROME: Four Montfortian Brothers at the General House
NU-AFA-79- BALAKA, MALAWI: Fr Felix Chisamba ordained priest
NU-GEN-78- ROMA: Hospitaliers Montfortains à la maison générale

NU-PHL-77- PHILIPPINES: Silver Jubilee of Religious Profession of Fr. Ariel and Fr. Richard
NU-FRA-76- FRANCE: Anniversaire de la Béatification

MAY 2013
NU-COL-75- COLOMBIA: Nueva Edición Libro De Oro De La Espiritualidad Montfortiana
NU-PHL-74- PHILIPPINES: Thesis Defense of Anamarie
NU-FRA-73- SMM Communication en France
NU-FRA-72- FRANCE: Jubilé Sacerdotal de Henri Curty et Noël Collaud
NU-GEN-71- ROMA, ITALIA: Stefano De Fiores, une figure emblématique de la théologie moderne et contemporaine.
NU-PHL-70- PHILIPPINES: Montfortian Pilgrimage
NU-IDA-69- INDIA: The Indian Vice-Province Assembly
NU-IDO-68- INDONESIA: Following the Consecration of Jesus to His Father through His Mother
NU-NED-67- NETHERLANDS: Academic Conference
NU-GBI-66- GBI: Programme of Preparation for Total Consecration
NU-PHL-65- PHILIPPINES: Feast of St. Louis Marie de Montfort
NU-FRA-64- FRANCE: De visite en visite à la Maison Natale
NU-AFA-63- NAIROBI-KENYA: Celebrating the Feast of St. Louis Marie de Montfort
NU-AFA-62- MALAWI: Celebrating the Feast of St Louis Marie
NU-PNG-61- PNG: Father de Montfort’s Feast Day Celebration

APRIL 2013
NU-IDA-60- INDIA: Annual Retreat
NU-PNG-59- PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Inauguration and Blessing of the New Formation House at Morata, Port Moresby
NU-GEN-58- Le  65ème Pèlerinage Montfortain à Lourdes
NU-MAD-57- Nouvelle de la délégation de Madagascar
NU-AFA-56- MALAWI: Ordination to Priesthood
NU-PHL-55- PHILIPPINES: Priestly Ordination of Fr. Sherwin, Fr. Rene and Fr. Santiago
NU-GEN-54- Fête de l'Annonciation : 8 avril 2013 - Rencontre de famille à Rome.
NU-NED-53- NETHERLANDS: Book Presentation

MARCH 2013
NU-NED-52- NETHERLANDS: Book Launching: “Touched by the Humility of God”

NU-AFA-51- MALAWI: Memorial Mass for Fr John Bechtold, SMM
NU-PHL-50- PHILIPPINES: Lenten Recollection 2013 at the Montfort Center
NU-PHL-49- PHILIPPINES: Consecration of 57 Lay and Religious People in Cebu
NU-GEN-48- ROME: Meeting of the three General Administrations of the Montfortian Family
NU-IDO-47- INDONESIA: Christmas Celebration with Children in Alma
NU-PBZ-46- PERU-BRAZIL: Delegation Assembly- January 2013
NU-IDO-45- INDONESIA: Recollection and Pilgrimage
NU-IDO-44- INDONESIA: Retreat for Formators
NU-IDA-43- INDIA: Continental Assembly – Asia-Oceania 2013
NU-IDA-42- INDIA – BANGALORE: Faith can do wonders: 5 Montfortians Ordained to Priesthood
NU-PHL-41- PHILIPPINES: Delegation Assembly
NU-HAI-40- HAITI: Ordination épiscopale de Mgr Quesnel Alphonse, smm, nouvel évêque auxiliaire de Port-au-Prince

NU-IDA-39- Gurumandir, INDIA: Get-Together of the Montfortian Family
NU-IDA-38- Gurumandir, Mysore, INDIA: Silver Jubilee Celebration
NU-IDA-37- Gurumandir, Mysore, INDIA: First Profession of Three Novices
NU-PHL-36- Manila, PHILIPPINES : Une école de mission
NU-COL-35- COLOMBIA: My first three months in Colombia
NU-FRA-34- FRANCE: La relique de Jean Paul II à la Maison Natale
NU-FRA-33- FRANCE: visite de l'archeveque à la Maison Natale
NU-CAN-32- CANADA: Renewal in the website of the Marie Reine-des-cœurs Shrine in Montreal

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