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NU-AFA-748- A 4-Day Annual Retreat of Anglophone Africa Delegation  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-AFF-747- La Bénédiction de l’Eglise Paroissiale:  « Marie, Fille de Nazareth »  [EN]  [FR]  [Photos]  [Videos]
NU-NED-746- Back in the Former Grand Seminary in Oirschot  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-MAD-745- Nouveaux Postulants pour Madagascar  [EN]  [FR]  [Photos]
NU-AFA-744- The Vicar General visits the International Scholasticate Community in Nairobi- A Moment of Joy, Learning and Gratitude  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-AFF-743- Ordination Presbyterale du Diacre Ignace Messinou  [FR]  [Photos]
NU-IDO-742- Indonesia Province mourns the death of Brother Piet VAN HOOF, SMM  [EN]  [Photos]

NU-GEN-741- New Novice Master for the Latin-American Noviciate of Paipa, Colombia  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]
NU-GEN-740- Totus Tuus Journey: Consecration of the First Batch of Filipinos at the Generalate Grotto  [EN]  [Photos]  [Video]
NU-FRA-739- Fête dans la communauté de Saint Laurent-sur-Sèvre  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [IT]  [Photos]
NU-NED-738- Confreres in the Netherlands celebrate Profession and Priestly Jubilees  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-GEN-737- New Administration of the General Delegation of Francophone Africa  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]
NU-GEN-736- Continental Mission Year 2022: “Rise and Shine, Montfort in Asia and Oceania”  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Website]
NU-PHL-735- Renewal of Vows  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]
NU-HAI-734- Les 150 ans de mission des Monfortains en Haïti  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]

NU-MEX-733- Mexico: A New Montfortian Mission to the Country of La Guadalupana  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [IT]  [Photos]  [Video 1]  [Video 2]
NU-AFA-732- An Ode to Father Olivier Maire, SMM: Recalling his Faith and Life Prints in Uganda  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-AFA-731- Scholastics in Kenya renew Vows as Lay Associates consecrate to Jesus  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-IDO-730- Perpetual Vows of Bro. Sintus, SMM and Bro. Aran, SMM  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-PHL-729- Entrance to the Pre-Postulancy and Postulancy Programs 2021-2022  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-MAD-728- Priestly Ordinations of Fr. Solofo and Fr. Samuel in Madagascar  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]
NU-GEN-727- Nouveau Supérieur de la Province de France  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Attestation]  [Photo]
NU-IDO-726- The Montfortian Mission at Mary, Seat of Wisdom Station in Tanjung Lokang  [EN]  [Photos]

NU-GEN-725- New Administration of the General Delegation of Papua New Guinea  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]
NU-PHL-724- AMQAH Cebu now Officially Accredited in the Archdiocese of Cebu  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-AFA-723- Confreres in Africa Anglophone Delegation hold Tripartite Celebrations of Final Profession, Diaconate and Silver Jubilee Anniversary  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-IDO-722- Inauguration of the Parish of Saint Montfort of Monterado in West Kalimantan, Indonesia  [EN]  [Photo]
NU-PHL-721- A Foretaste of Mission “A La Montfort”  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-GEN-720- Youth Ministry in the General Delegation of Anglophone Africa  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]
NU-PHL-719- Providence at Work in the SMM Cebu Mission under Mary’s Inspiration  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-PHL-718- Ready to Take Risks for God Alone  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-IDO-717- New Postulants of Indonesia  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-GEN-716- Interview with the New Graduate in Christology for the Vice-Province of India  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]
NU-ITA-715- Montfort EurHope: Evangelizzazale col digitale  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [IT]  [Photos]
NU-GEN-714- Three Confreres obtained their Licentiate in Rome this year  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]
NU-GEN-713- New Administration of the Vice-Province of India  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]
NU-MAD-712- Madagascar Pleure le Deces d’un Vaillant Missionaire  [FR]  [ES]  [Photo]

NU-GEN-711- New Administration of the Province of the Netherlands  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]
NU-AFF-710- « Choisis la Grâce pour avoir la vie, toi et ta descendance »  [FR]  [Photos]
NU-AFF-709- Montfort, signe d’esperance et de vie dans la famille de Dieu  [FR]  [Photos]
NU-MAD-708- Madagascar: lectorat et acolytat  [FR]  [Photo]
NU-NED-707- Marian Chants by Montfort in the Cathedral of Den Bosch  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-IDA-706- First Profession 2021 at Kanathi  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-IDO-705- Giving Oneself to God Alone  [EN]  [Photos]

NU-MAD-704- Madagascar: un cierge qui s’éteint  [FR]  [Photos]
NU-PHL-703- Installation of Rev. Fr. Rene Bustillo, SMM as the New Director of the Chaplaincy of Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-AFA-702- Montfortian Family in Malawi celebrates the Feast of their Founder  [EN]  [Photos]

NU-MAD-701- 28 Avril 2021 : Célébration de la fête de Saint-Louis Marie de Montfort à Madagascar  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]
NU-FRA-700- 28 Avril 2021 : Célébration de la fête de Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort à la Maison Natale, Montfort Sur Meu, France  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]
NU-GEN-699- Nouvelle Administration de la Vice-Province de l’Inde  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]
NU-AFF-698- « Le comment et le pourquoi de notre vocation »  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]
NU-GEN-697- Montfort_EurHope: Saint Louis-Marie, compagnon et guide pour les jeunes  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [IT]  [Photos]
NU-AFA-696- Africa Anglophone Delegation encouraged on Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation  [EN]
NU-AFA-695- Africa Anglophone Delegation holds a 3-day Workshop  [EN]  [Photo]

NU-AFF-694- Profession Perpétuelle à la Délégation Générale de l’Afrique Francophone (DGAF)  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]
NU-IDO-693- New Novices of Indonesia  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]

NU-AFF-692- Ouverture de l’Annee Missionnaire Continentale pour l’Afrique et Madagascar  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]  [Videos]

NU-PHL-691- Closing of the Mission à la Montfort in Tuburan  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-PHL-690- TTJ Recollection and Consecration in Kalangahan  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-AFA-688- An Overview of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Seminar  [EN]  [Photos]
NU-GEN-687- Rosarium_Montfort_EurHope  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [IT]  [PT]  [Photos]
NU-IDO-686- Priestly Ordination in Indonesia  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]
NU-GEN-685- Change in the Juridical Attachment and New Administration of the General Delegation of Ecuador  [EN]  [FR]  [ES]  [Photos]
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