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Events will take place between October 2015 and 28th April 2016

Spiritual Journey

• Organising and inviting others to join in our prayer services celebrating the life of Montfort

• Rediscovering the spiritual way of Montfort by reading and sharing on Weil Logister’s book, ‘Touched by the Humility of God’

• Joining the Montfort Fathers for a Retreat

• Community Monthly Retreat Days during the year to be focused on the Wisdom dimension of Montfort’s spirituality

• Day of Reflection / Retreat on Pope Francis’ Evangelium Gaudium

• Reflection on the symbolism of the Logo representing Montfort Walking

• Every day is a spiritual journey towards the feminine face of God. We plan to spend more time reflecting on our Wisdom heritage, networking with other Congregations and each other.

• All the above events will involve Sisters, Family, Friends and Parishioners


• Mass in the parishes to celebrate the Tercentenary with exhibition in parish hall

• Informing others of the Tercentenary and raising the profile of Montfort’s life

• Inviting others to join in our exploration of Wisdom Spirituality

• To continue to support new ways of proclaiming the Gospel through media and print

• To continue journeying with those who are searching for God in their lives

• Community being a place of hospitality and welcome

• Day of reflection with parish group with input on Baptism in Montfort’s life and how we might find new ways of living the Gospel today in the light of Evangelium Gaudium

• Inform the Legion of Mary about the Tercentenary

• Introduce people to Montfort’s 33 Day Prayer Consecration to Jesus Through Mary

• Continue to be more aware of encountering God in the other e.g. RCIA, Hospice visitation, catechising disadvantaged children, inter-faith groups, youth work, vocations forum and chaplaincy

Presence with the Poor

• Continuing to work with the poor and homeless, especially those who have been trafficked and refugees

• Continuing to be aware of the poor both locally and globally and supporting them both financially and in our presence with them

• Working in collaboration with an ecumenical group in an outreach programme to women caught up in prostitution and encouraging others to participate in supporting this project in various ways

• Being a voice for the poor through awareness of Justice and Peace issues and signing relevant petitions

• Supporting the Poitiers Project which addresses food poverty in our area by providing food parcels to people in need

• Working with a Family Support Group

• Working with the St. Vincent de Paul Society

• Pro-life support

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