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Institution of Lectors & Acolytes

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Published by Bro. John Bosco, SMM in India · 17 September 2020
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BENGALURU, India - “As all perfection consists in our being conformed, united and consecrated to Jesus, it naturally follows that the most perfect of all devotions is that which conforms, unites and consecrates us most completely to Jesus” (TD, no. 120).
By the Grace of God and with a grateful and joyous heart, five of the Scholastics namely Ruban, Prakash Horo, Anthony Peter, John Bosco and Martin of Maria Bhavan, Bengaluru, India, have received the Minor Orders on the Feast day of the Exaltation of the Cross on September 14. The Holy Eucharist was presided over by Rev. Fr. J Joseph, SMM, the Superior of the Vice-Province of India, who administered the Rite of Institution of both Ministries of Lectors and Acolytes. The Cross and its meaning and implications in Christian life was the core of the homily. Rev. Frs. Selvakumar, SMM, Nashwin, SMM and Michael Sahayaraj, SMM concelebrated the Holy Eucharist and witnessed the conferring of the minor orders.
The candidates were prepared spiritually well in advance and were given the necessary instructions by Rev. Fr. Selvakumar, SMM, the Rector of Maria Bhavan. The role and responsibility of the Lectors and Acolytes in the Christian worship and daily living were taught clearly to the brothers during the sessions conducted as the preparation for the reception of the Minor Orders.
Bro. Martin, SMM expressed their gratitude to the fathers and brothers, for their good heart and support, who nourish their Montfortian vocation. The community congratulated all the five brothers in the refectory, followed by the cutting of the cake.

Bro. John Bosco, SMM

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