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The Entry of the Pre-novices into the Novitiate and the First Profession of Bro. Anthonydoss, SMM

KANATHI, India - On 30th of May 2024 at Sneha Bhavan, the young pre-novices, after a sufficient period of preparation and formation, made their entry into the novitiate. Fr. Sebastian RAJ, SMM, the Superior of the Vice-province of India accepted their consent to follow Christ radically in the footsteps of St. Montfort through an intense period of formation in the novitiate...

“Day of Mercy” with the Prisoners

FOGGIA, Italy - On Saturday, May 11, 2024, for the city of Foggia, the “Day of Mercy” took place at the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary Crowned Mother of God. This wonderful meeting was attended by prisoners accompanied by their chaplains. They were also accompanied by volunteers from Santeramo in Colle of the Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts and by the Montfortian novices Matteo and Martino, who already during the year visit the prisoners every Tuesday afternoon, listening to their stories, sharing with simplicity, faith and the rosary...

An Interview with Fr. Oscar SAGWANTI, SMM, a missionary in Italy

CALABRIA, Italy - Just before he clocked 50, marking the Golden jubilee birthday celebration and 25th anniversary of religious life in the Company of Mary, Fr. Oscar SAGWANTI, SMM, from Africa Anglophone Delegation, received obedience to go to Italy for a new mission. He had mixed feelings as his request to first celebrate the silver jubilee was not granted. However, motivated and recalling the point of actions of the Acts of the General Chapter 1993, acting together and availability, he joyfully accepted and currently enjoys the mission in Bianco community, Calabria, Italy. Fr. Jailos MPINA, SMM had a conversation with Fr. Oscar...

Celebration of Saint Louis-Marie in Belgium

MONTAIGU, Belgium - The celebration of the Feast of the birth in heaven of Father de Montfort had been anticipated to Friday, April 26, 2024, in the General Delegation of Belgium. The Montfort Feast has usually been celebrated in complete sobriety in one of the communities, either in Kessel-Lo (Leuven) or in Genk and most often, only between Montfort confreres. At the great initiative of the Council of the Delegation, this year, the celebration of Montfort had a different color...

Requiem Mass of Father Jacques MAESSEN, SMM

SINTANG, Indonesia - On Easter Sunday, Father Jacques MAESSEN, SMM began receiving treatment at Sintang Hospital. He was treated for a stroke. After being treated for a week in Sintang, he was finally referred to Antonius Hospital, Pontianak accompanied by Bro. Nikolaus NARIMO, SMM. In Pontianak, Father Jacques was also accompanied by three Montfortians: Bro. Nikolaus NARIMO, Bro. Lambert, and Bro. Lius...

2nd International Montfortian Pilgrimage in South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea – Pilgrims of the Montfort Missionaries and the Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts, in partnership with JTY Dreams Travel and Tours from the Mactan Cebu International Airport, embarked on a spiritual journey to South Korea, culminating in a transformative pilgrimage filled with prayer, reflection, and exploration of sacred sites...
Eleonor M. TY | 13 May 2024

The 32nd Montfortian Pilgrimage: Commemorating 40 Years of Montfort Missionaries' Impact in the Philippines

QUEZON CITY, Philippines - On April 27th, the day before the Feast of St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, the Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts (AMQAH) held the 32nd Montfortian Pilgrimage, in gratitude to the 40th year of the Montfort Missionaries' spiritual and community work in the Philippines. This year's pilgrimage, which began at 7 AM, saw a gathering of devout followers at 47 Sct. Madriñan, who were transported by two chartered provincial buses to embark on a spiritual journey visiting seven notable Marian churches within the Archdiocese of Manila...

Five Montfort deacons in Indonesia

MALANG, Indonesia - On April 25, 2024, the Montfort Missionaries in Indonesia rejoiced with the ordination to the diaconate of five Montfortians: Gregorius AVI, David RABIM, Marianus NICANDRA CEHA, Fransiskus SAILTUS BEMBID and Ferdinandus NGAMBUT. They received diaconal ordination alongside deacons from other congregations and several dioceses. The number of ordained deacons was twenty-six. The Eucharistic celebration of ordination was presided over by Mgr. Henricus Pidyarto GUNAWAN, O.Carm, Bishop of Malang Diocese and was held at the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel...

Spiritual exercises for lay people

MARIENHEIDE, Germany - “Experiencing baptism in today’s context, for a fulfilled life.” This was the theme of the first weekend of Spiritual Exercises for lay people organized in Marienheide - Germany on May 4 and 5, 2024. The initiative coordinated by the German Montfortian community of Marienheide, in collaboration with the General Curia, had as preacher, Fr. Mihovil FILIPOVIĆ, SMM, a Croatian confrere of the Italian Province, who has been leading this experience for years in various European countries...
Berliana ALI | 06 May 2024

Stories from the Netherlands: “Dieu Seul”

NETHERLANDS - The celebration of the death of Saint Montfort this year was quite special in the Vice-Province of the Netherlands. This time, almost all the confreres were present and celebrated the Eucharist together. In fact, the presence of Fr. Pierre ROBERTZ, SMM who is the oldest confrere in this Vice-Province was well appreciated. He currently lives in the far north of the Netherlands, and it was quite difficult for him to travel all the way south (Limburg). Moreover, since the Covid pandemic, he never came to see his confreres in Limburg. Instead, several confreres visited him regularly at his residence...

The more I am staying here, the better - Fr. Fortune, a missionary in Italy

BIANCO, Italy - For the first time, the Province of Italy received two confreres from Africa Anglophone Delegation for the “mission” in Italy. Fr. Oscar SANGWANTI, SMM and Fr. Fortune Partison GONDWE, SMM arrived in Rome on 22 March 2022 and began their Italian language study at Dante Alighieri school while staying at the Scholasticate International Community in Via Romagna. They were officially welcomed in Bianco International Community on 10th July 2022 as members of the community and pastors of Tutti i Santi (All Saints) Parish in the Diocese of Locri-Gerace in Calabria. Fr. Jailos MPINA, SMM had an interview with Fr. Fortune...
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