Montfort Portugal Celebrated with Joy

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Montfort Portugal Celebrated with Joy

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Published by Fr. Luis Ferreira, SMM in Portugal · 10 May 2019
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PORTUGAL - The Delegation of Portugal celebrated with joy in a festive atmosphere, the solemnity of Montfort, that was moved on April 29 this year due to the Easter solemnities.
It all started on Saturday, the 27th of April, with the meeting of a group of ex-seminarians, who wanted to meet again around the Eucharist and in a conviviality that lasted for the whole afternoon. These meetings are clear signs that the seeds which were planted in the lives of those who attended our minor seminary are a pledge for life and bear fruit.
Then on the 29th of April, all members of the delegation (except Fr. Manuel Peixoto who preferred to stay in the Junqueira community due to health reasons) met in the morning in which some important documents for the future were presented. The Superior of the Delegation, Fr. Amilcar Tavares, presented the proposed program or project of his administration for three years. Likewise, the Statutes of the Delegation were also presented as well as the document of the Superior General on the 'Montfortian Heritage in Europe'. Some comments have been made, opinions have been shared and some perspectives have been proposed for the future.
During this day of celebration for all Montfortians, we had the joy and honor of having our beloved confrere Mgr. Rui Valerio with us, who presided the solemn Eucharist and also shared some time with the other confreres. He also celebrated the Eucharist with the former seminarians.
Fr. Luis Ferreira, SMM


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