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Montfort_EurHope20: The “Totus Tuus” Spirituality Center opens in Medjugorje

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Published by Giovanni Maria Personeni, SMM in Italy · 31 August 2020
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MEDJUGORJE, Bosnia-Herzegovina - It is official, the Totus Tuus Spirituality Center of the Association of “Mary Queen of All Hearts” opens in Medjugorje with the presence of Montfortian Missionaries.
The Decree of Fr. General, Luiz Augusto STEFANI, for the erection and establishment of the Center of our Association in Medjugorje was delivered to Mgr. Henryk HOSER, Apostolic Visitor, as the local Ordinary. The Center, which will host a group of consecrated lay people with vows from the Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts, will have Fr. Giovanni Maria PERSONENI as its director for the Italian speaking group and Fr. Mihovil FILIPOVIC for the Croatian and Polish speaking group. Other Montfortian fathers from Croatia will also be in this house alternately.
The center is also open to all the confreres of the congregation who wish to be of help in this mission, historically of great importance for our time, both for the influx of priests who try to bring the faithful closer to the maternal presence of Mary, and for the many faithful who, touched by the Spirit through Mary, seek a serious path of holiness guided by the Holy Virgin. Confessions in the sanctuary, accompanying pilgrims and Montfortian preaching are just to name a few, hence, there will be no shortage of work!
Mgr. HOSER received with joy the Decree of Erection from Fr. General and told us to proceed with the civil recognition of the Association in Medjugorje. As the canonical process concluded, we have therefore undertaken the civil one, and it is wonderful to see how the Virgin Mary opens the doors to us with the help of the right people, so that everything will be ready for the current and future missions that will start from Medjugorje and that Montfort's children will be called to lead, for the glory of God alone, through Mary and for the salvation of souls.
A great consolation are the encounters, not at all by chance, with priests from Poland, Spain and overseas who are moving with small groups, to whom Mgr. HOSER himself and other friends here in Medjugorje have already spoken of our presence. They are already asking if we are doing retreats on Montfort spirituality and are thinking of coming back with groups of young people. In fact, in Medjugorje, heart of the world that Mary chose, the people of God coming from all over the world, are waiting to know and experience the hidden treasure, as Saint John Paul II called it, chosen as co-patron of the Center with Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort.
The house, already rented three years ago by the Center of the Association of Trinitapoli (Italy), has required some changes, with two more rooms for common places, including a small chapel, and we are working to better equip it. So, in our hands, in addition to the Rosary, we find ourselves with drill, hammer and screwdriver. Mary's house must be beautiful and functional for the purpose that she herself desires, for her glory and that of Jesus.
We are facing the challenges of COVID-19. The consequences of which seem doomed to hamper the task of the new evangelization, which is struggling to move forward, but everything is overcome and this will not prevent God's plan which is destined to be realized in due time, by Mary precisely, as Montfort mentions it in prophetic terms in the book of the True Devotion. Let us think of the so brilliant icon of the holiness of our time, one of those souls, according to Montfort, "truly born of God and of Mary" (VD 112), Saint John Paul II, who knew how to trust himself in the face of everything, because he knew he was "Totus Tuus". That his words "Do not be afraid!" echo again in our hearts. So, following Pope Francis, fearlessly let ourselves be "infected" with the love of God and begin the pandemic of hope.
Giovanni Maria Personeni, SMM

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