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Montfortian Workshop and the Installation of the AFA New Administration

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Published by Br. Bernard Maganga, SMM in Africa Anglophone · 14 October 2018
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MANGOCHI, Malawi - The Four-Day Montfortian workshop at Montfort Lake House and Retreat Centre in Mangochi started on 8th October 2018 and is in progress. All the confreres in the General Delegation of Anglophone Africa doing missions in Malawi are present except Fr. Owen, SMM who gave an apology. The weather has been relatively warm and the lake is calm.  

The confreres arrived at Montfort Lake House and Retreat Centre on Sunday, the 7th of October.  The workshop begun on 8th October. After morning Mass, the Assistant Superior General, Fr. Arnold Suhardi, SMM who is leading us in this workshop, introduced us to the theme of the workshop; Montfortian Style of leadership. The main purpose of the workshop, he stipulated, is to remind us and inspire us to embrace and grow into Jesus’ leadership that was lived by Fr. Louis-Marie de Montfort. Fr. Arnold, SMM said that, this topic takes roots from the Acts of the General Chapter.

“Leadership is a process of influencing others in order to achieve a goal.” With this in mind, and considering that we are all leaders in our different fields of apostolate, we were confronted with this pertinent question; How do I lead like Montfort? How do I lead like Jesus?    

On Tuesday, 9th October, 2018 we looked at the “Heart of a Servant-Leader.” The topic of discussion under this section was the motivation in whatever we do. Thus, do we put our own interests first than the interest of the people we lead? After this, we turned to the “Head of a Servant-Leader”. This primarily excavated deep on the vision that every leader ought to have.

During the evening prayer, on Tuesday, we witnessed the installation of the New Delegate and the council members. Fr. Felix Phiri, SMM, was handed a Bible and the Montfortian Rule of Life. The Magnificat hymn was sung as a sign of praising and thanking the Lord for the new administration of the delegation. This was followed by supper.

Meanwhile, similar workshop for confreres leaving in Kenya and Uganda, will take place in Mbarara, Uganda from 15th October to 18th October this year.

Congratulations once again to the New Administration!!!

-Bernard Maganga, smm


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