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Our Visit to the House of Charity (Children Home) in the Month of the Rosary

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Published by in Africa Anglophone · 29 December 2016
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NAIROBI, Kenya - October is known as the “Month of the Rosary” in the Catholic Church. Throughout the month, all the faithful are encouraged to pray the rosary in their religious communities, families, Small Christian Communities (SCCs) and in various prayer groups. In Montfort’s view, the rosary is a wonderfully secret way of knowing Mary and finding Jesus through her. This is so, because when we are praying the rosary we contemplate upon the mystery of Christ Jesus and the life of Mary. The goal of constant contemplation on the “Holy Rosary” is to come to knowledge that until now, “Jesus is poor; Jesus is abandoned; Jesus is despised and rejected” (L.7). Jesus known and met through the contemplation on the “Holy Rosary” need to be shared. Actually, the rosary is not only a tool that helps the faithful to meditate on the divine mysteries, but also should be an instrument that lead the faithful to good actions and the transformation of the world.

Following the example of the Blessed Mother, Mary, in the Gospel who visited Elizabeth after the Good News had proclaimed to her, both Montfort Lay Associates and Montfort International Scholaticate Community in Nairobi, had an opportunity to visit the House of Charity (Children Home) run by Poverelle Sisters of Bergamo, to be with the children in order to offer maternal and paternal care. It is truly the House of Charity where 23 babies and toddlers aged 0 to 3 years are taken care of. Our visit started with the Eucharistic celebration which was presided over by Fr. Samuel Satiele, SMM. The representative of the Montfort Lay Associates in Kenya, Mr. John Gathogoh, commented that our gesture symbolized Mary’s charity towards Elizabeth’s unborn baby [John] and towards the Child Jesus before herself. On the other hand, Fr. Samuel SMM gladly thanked the sisters for the precious work they are doing; and wholeheartedly encouraged the fellow Montfortians to continue with the spirit of sharing and solidarity which at the end becomes the concrete sign of living out the Montfortian consecration and spirituality. We assisted the children with toilettes, food stuff, and clothes and many other items. We did just a little and they are in need of more support.

Sr. Maria, on behalf of the Poverelle Sisters of Bergamo in Nairobi, expressed her gratitude to the Montfortian Family for realizing the today’s reality in our society that babies and toddlers who have been abandoned [or who are lacking mothers and fathers], are crying for mercy. With Montfort and his Incarnational Spirituality, we see that these babies and toddlers represent “Jesus who is poor, abandoned, despised and rejected” (L.7) in our world at the moment. Such situation invites us all to reach out and touch without fear. We are all invited to be in the shoes of the Holy Family to seek for refugee wherever possible, to grant mercy and protection to these babies and toddlers (Mt 2:13); and we need to spend our time and energy for them as the way Mary and Joseph searched for child Jesus in Jerusalem (Lk 2: 46). It is by doing such nobler charitable work that the ‘Month of Rosary” truly became the time of renewal and evangelization.

-Montfortian Community in Nairobi


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