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Parishes of St. Hubert and St. Remigius welcome New Chaplains

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Published by Marian Claeren in Netherlands · 31 October 2019
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NETHERLANDS – On World Mission Day last October 20, 2019, Fr. Stefan Musanai, SMM and Fr. Charles Leta, SMM were installed as chaplains in the parishes of St. Hubert in Genhout and St. Remigius in Schimmert. They were born in Flores, Indonesia, and they are in their mid-thirties. They will support Father van Oss, SMM in both parishes on part-time basis. For the rest of their time, they will delve deeper into the Dutch language and give substance to the propagation of Montfortian Spirituality.
Their installation as chaplains took place in both parishes in front of a large crowd. Fr. Peter Denneman, SMM, the Provincial Superior, installed both fathers as curates with the reading of the letter of appointment from Mgr. Harrie Smeets, the Bishop of Roermond.
After which, Fr. Peter Denneman turned directly to Frs. Stefan and Charles. He said, “Each of us is baptized and sent! Today in particular, the mission of Frs. Charles and Stefan underlines that. In our periodical ‘Wijzer’, you have written about your calling as Montfortians, your education and the pastoral care that you did in your home country.
It was 11 months ago when Father Antonius Tensi, SMM, your Provincial Superior in Indonesia told you that you will be sent to the Netherlands. We are very happy, proud and grateful at the same time that you have responded to that call and have accepted the appointment. You came in a country with a diverse culture, a church and confreres who didn't know you at all.
Moreover, you have opened yourself up as we get to know each other. You have also studied and appreciated our language as well as our way of life. You have already started to feel more at home in our province where we welcomed you with open arms and an open heart. You have met also Mgr. Harrie Smeets and the vicar general, René Maessen. That was a cordial moment. Likewise, you have become acquainted at the same time with the administration and the parishioners from Genhout and Schimmert.
As the Provincial Superior of the Netherlands, I install both of you today as curates of St. Hubert parish in Genhout and St. Remigius parish in Schimmert respectively.”
After the celebration, the newly-installed chaplains received many heartfelt congratulations from the parishioners. It was heartwarming.
Marian Claeren

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