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Intercultural and Intergenerational Weekend

PONTCHÂTEAU, France - On February 10 and 11, 2024, a session on interculturality organized by the Daughters of Wisdom brought together young Montfortians in Pontchâteau under the leadership of three priests from the Society of African Missions, Fathers Laurent, Roger and Etienne. The event was attended by 19 sisters from the Daughters of Wisdom and 2 young Montfort missionaries, namely Fr. Eric MANIRAKIZA, SMM and Fr. Olivier RAMAHENINTSOA, SMM...

Session for New Missionaries in France

PARIS, France - The Conference of Religious Men and Women of France (CORREF) recently organized its annual Welcome 2024 session for foreign missionaries working in France. It was participated by one from the Montfort Missionaries and three from the Daughters of Wisdom. This week, which took place from Monday, February 5 to Friday, February 9 in Paris, was marked by enriching exchanges and a deep immersion in French social and religious reality...

New Melodies of Father de Montfort's Canticles in progress

MONTFORT-SUR-MEU, France - “God loves singing, angels sing, and by singing, we are like them.” “God wants his servants to sing and be merry” “to sing in the heavens above”, said Father de Montfort. If he lived in our time, he would undoubtedly have caused a sensation. In his time, he knew how to make the most of the jewels that are hymns. “How many souls have been led and brought back to Our Lord, thanks to these rhymed and melodic instructions,” said Louis Cardinal Dubois...

The Bishop concludes his Pastoral Visit to Saint-Laurent

SAINT-LAURENT-SUR-SÈVRE, France - It is with joy that our parish-sanctuary welcomed Mgr. François JACOLIN from Thursday, November 30 to Sunday, December 3, 2023, with the celebration of the Mass of the first Sunday of Advent during which 28 young people received the sacrament of Confirmation. This visit was part of the bishop's pastoral visit to the Herbiers deanery. The latter is made up of 7 parishes. And it is in our Parish-Sanctuary of Saint-Louis de Montfort in Saint-Laurent sur Sèvre that this immersion of the pastor among his sheep ended. Of course, it was a symbolic event...

The Frescoes of the Chapel of Father de Montfort at Calvary of Pontchâteau regain their colors

PONTCHÂTEAU, France - The Calvary Site today includes 30 monuments. Chapels, caves, stations of the cross, halls and Calvary are harmoniously located in this life-size park of 14 hectares. The Father de Montfort Chapel is visible in all its splendor at the same time as the hill of Calvaire, the highest point of the Site. It's right at the foot...

First Reception of the Acts of the General Chapter

MARILLAIS, France - A good start for the (pastoral) year that has just begun! The four international Montfortian communities of France met at Marillais, where, in 430, Our Lady appeared to the bishop Saint Maurille and who wanted the feast of her birth to be established and celebrated. There, these “true children of Mary” (PM 11) gathered together on October 30, 2023, to receive and reflect on the Acts of the 38th General Chapter. Thus, the place is more than symbolic.

New Montfortian Presence in Montfort-sur-Meu

MONTFORT-SUR-MEU, France - The influence of the spirituality of Father de Montfort and that of the Montfort missionaries in Montfort-sur-Meu experienced its golden age during the long years of presence of the novices at the birthplace. All of a sudden, Covid forced their departure. The birthplace tried to maintain its activities and continued to be a place of presence, visit and prayer. All of these are in perfect harmony with the life of the Saint Louis-Marie Parish in Brocéliande...

Montfort in the Valley of Saints Bretons

BRITTANY, France - A statue of Montfort was recently installed in the Vallée des Saints Bretons. The Valley of Saints is a large hill in Carnoët, in the heart of Brittany, where, inspired by Easter Island, a site has been created where statues of saints, sculpted by artists from around the world, have been installed. The initiators of paying homage to the saints of Brittany and the popular devotion which accompanies them, decided to raise 1000 monumental statues, between 3 and 4 meters high, in blocks of Breton granite in a project started a few years ago and which will continue in the years to come...

The New Provincial Secretary of France comes from afar

SAINT-LAURENT-SUR-SEVRE, France – Since January 2023, Fr. Olivier Nantenaina RAMAHENINTSOA, SMM is sent to France as a missionary. Like other confreres before him, he signed an agreement for international collaboration between entities under the mediation of the General Administration, which supports the project to relaunch the Montfortian mission in France. On June 25, Fr. Olivier was appointed as the secretary of the Vice-Province of France and a collaborator of the parish in Saint Laurent-sur-Sèvre. Here is a self-introduction of the confrere...

Tribute to Fr. Olivier Maire at the Shrine "Notre Dame du Chêne"

FRANCE, ND du Chêne - "This is my Body, this is my Blood..." "Each time you eat this bread and drink this cup, you announce the death of the Lord, until he comes" (1Co 11:26). With these words, Saint Paul reminds the Christians of Corinth that the "Lord's Supper" is not only a convivial meeting, but also - and above all - the memorial of the ransom sacrifice of Christ. Redemptive sacrifice for love...
Francois SIMON | 19 Jun 2023

Calvary of Pontchâteau, great pilgrimage for vocations

PONCHÂTEAU, France – Monday, May 1, 2023 has been chosen by the Ecclesiastical Province of Western France as a day of prayer for vocations. The choice of the place of the nine bishops for this historical event fell on the Calvary of Pontchâteau. In a superb day of grace, 3,500 faithful have arrived since in the morning with their bishops and priests. In the Hall of the Temple, the dioceses had set up their stands as well as the Montfortian Family, to present the variety and the beauty of the different vocations...

Celebration of the Solemnity of the Annunciation

MONTFORT SUR MEU, France - Due to the work carried out at the Birthplace, the Mass of the Annunciation of the Lord was celebrated on March 25, 2023 in the parish church of Montfort-sur-Meu.
After communion, Father Jean-Marie HELPA SMM, Pierrette, Brigitte, Michel and Joëlle made the renewal...
Joelle GESLIN | 04 Apr 2023
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